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Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday Favorites

I haven't linked up with Friday Favorites for awhile so figured why not kick off the start to summer by linking up! 

1. Today is Emma's last day of the toddler room at daycare and I can't believe how much she has grown and changed since August! (Thanks dad for sending the pic once she woke up even if she went wild child and hit herself in the lip and busted it open- palm to face emoji moment)

2. This week we popped in over at my sister's house for a little while and these cousins really are the best of friends. Emma looks up to Collier so much and they play well together (most of the time). 

3. Emma loves to sing her ABCs and "kinkle kinkle little star" for me when she's in the bath and I can't resist recording that precious voice of hers with all the mis-pronunciations because I know soon it won't be so choppy anymore and I'll miss it. 

4. We ordered a new couch for the living room a few weeks ago and it was meant to be delivered last Wednesday but because it was raining they wouldn't deliver it (grrr) so it finally came on Monday and I LOVE it! I am all about a comfy couch to lounge on and I love a good sectional. 

5. I've been wanting to spruce up our dining room a little bit and when I saw someone post this on buckhead exchange for sale and it was the colors of my dining room I just went for it! Excuse the mess on and around our table. It's been a week with it being the last week of school.

6. Last Friday night all the women in my family got together for dinner and a flower arranging class at the West Elm in Ponce City Market. We had such a fun time! Nice to get an adult night out with my favorite women (my mom, nana, and sisters Bonnie and Claire). 

7. Lastly feeling this little one kick more and more each day has been so wonderful. We can't wait to meet her in September! (Pregnancy update:This was from our 20 week appointment a few weeks ago. I'm 22 weeks right now. I'm feeling pretty good. Sleep has been better lately and my energy level is up. I'm trying to soak up all the goodness that the second trimester has to offer. I'm sure I'm going to be miserably hot and uncomfortable by the end of the summer)

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Weekend Recap: Showers and Mother's Day

This past weekend was a BUSY one for the Robinson household. On Friday we just took it easy at home because I needed to prep for the shower I was hosting the next day. We watched "The Greatest Showman" finally and my husband felt betrayed afterwards because I didn't really explain what exactly it was. The music was SO good! 

Saturday morning I got up before Emma to shower because I just knew the morning would be hectic. Tommy was playing in the semi-finals tennis playoffs and I had to get the rest of my things ready for the shower before running Emma to my parents to nap then drive to Grant Park area where I was hosting my friend Audrey's shower. Audrey is one of my dear friends from college who lives in Kansas City and expecting her first child (baby girl!) in August. Me and two other good college girlfriends hosted a shower for her. It was small but wonderful! It was so good to see Audrey and get to spend some time with my girlfriends and their moms. It was the perfect afternoon!

I had to scoot home around 5 to get home to refresh before leaving for Decatur for a couples baby shower for our friends Caroline and Drew who are expecting their first child (Maggie!) in July. Tommy got home from getting Emma and running and errand at 5:25 and our sitter arrived at 5:30. Like I said, busy day! We both freshened up and headed out with the Hartmans to the shower. Nice to have an adult night out and to celebrate Maggie!

Sunday morning was a beautifully relaxed morning with my little family. We went to J Christophers early for breakfast (with everyone else with little children), ran home to scoop Cooper up, then headed to the river to let him swim and let Emma splash around in the water. The weather has been so warm lately this sounded like the perfect morning to me. We came home and Emma played some more outside with her water table and we hosed Cooper off before Emma napped. 

After her nap we headed to my parents house for an early dinner with my whole family (minus James) and Tommy's parents. It was the perfect end to the day to be with my loved ones. We sat outside and enjoyed curried kebabs by my dad and some summer salads. It was the perfect Mother's Day for me. Tommy and Emma made me feel very special and loved. Can't believe next Mother's day I will be a mother of two. Still wrapping my head around that! 

Mother's Day is so hard for so many around me. Just wanting to send my love to those with hard circumstances on holidays like this. posted this on my instagram Sunday because it just spoke to me! 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Emma: 2 Years

Emma turned TWO yesterday! I can't believe how fast these two years have passed. Emma we are in awe of how you change daily and keep us on our toes. She is the light of our lives and we are so blessed to be her parents! 

Height: 35in (78%)
Weight: 31 lbs 4 oz (95%)
Head: 48.3 (79%)
Shoe: size 7
Clothes: Dresses mainly 2T, shirts and shorts 3T
Diaper: size 5

Latest milestones: Really talking is her biggest thing lately. She is such a chatty cathy and also a parrot. She says back to you most of what you say to her. She is speaking in decent phrases now (usually 3 or more words). She is RUNNING at a fast pace lately without looking wobbly at all. We've dropped the paci in the car and school has dropped it during naps. I'm sure she will be fine dropping it at bed time but I'm just not there yet. She can sing her ABCs from start to finish. Most of the time she can count 1-10 without too much prompting. 

Likes: Babydolls, anything she can do with her babydolls, playing outside, the playground, "Moana" and "Mickey Mouse" are her favorite shows/movies, and coloring. She loves to sing "kinkle kinkle little star" and her ABCs. 

Dislikes: She does not like being told her baby's can't sleep in the bed with her (she just ends up playing way past her bed time), being told no in general, sometimes the stroller lately, sometimes getting in her carseat lately, sitting still at the dinner table (especially when we eat out), or when we try to help her with something and at that moment "no emma do it". 

Emma is very independent and wants to do most things herself. She will still cuddle early in the morning but that's about it. She still wants to be held by me but it's getting harder for me and my doctor has lectured me already about this because she weighs more than what pregnant moms should be carrying. She is so funny and interacts with us so well. She loves playing mommy to her babies and likes to change their diapers, feed them bottles, take them on walks, and wrap them in blankets. She has two dolls she is attached to and has named them (so originally) big baby and little baby. She like to keep them naked most of the time too. She truly is baby obsessed. I can only hope she is baby obsessed when a real baby joins our family in September. 

Watching how much she has changed over the past year is amazing. So much changes from 1-2. She has her own personality really starting to show and she's most definitely not a baby anymore. I can't wait to see what BIG things she accomplishes in her life! 

We love you Emma Claire with all our hearts. Happy Birthday sweet girl! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Month Recap

So it's been a month since my last post. Oops! It's been a very busy spring so far and I'm not doing a good job of keeping up! 

Apologies in advance if this gets to be too long. 

We celebrate Collier turning 3 with a fun party at our church's gym (Peachtree Presbyterian) playing all kinds of games and gymnastics. Emma thought she was a big kid and had an absolute ball! It was so much fun watching the kids have such a great time. 

We officially announced that we are expecting another little girl in September. Name TBD. We are so excited but also nervous as well as life with two will be very different. 

We then celebrated both my parents birthdays with Mexican for dinner. Dinner out with two toddlers isn't very calm these days :)

We had a wonderful Easter with both our families. We enjoyed our church's egg hunt at Chastain Park to kick off the weekend. We had my family over for dinner the night before Easter to get some more time in with my brother who was in town. We then did church and brunch at my parents followed by an early dinner at Tommy's parents. It was a family-filled weekend. 

Two days later Emma and I headed to the beach (my first solo drive with me and Emma) to meet my mom and nana for the week since it was my spring break. We had a much needed relaxing trip. The weather had it's moments but we enjoyed the slow for sure. 

We spent one Saturday morning at the Dogwood festival in Piedmont park. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the family time. 

Later that day we had a baby shower for one of Tommy's fraternity brothers and his wife. 

This past weekend we had Drew Stelling's 30th birthday party which was so much fun. Emma spent the afternoon/night with Coco and Tpop (Tommy's parents) and we enjoyed a kid-free time with friends. Caroline and Drew set up a mini-golf course in their backyard and the boys had to use the plastic childrens clubs to play. Everyone was encouraged to wear tacky golf attire. It was a gorgeous day outside and we had a such fun seeing friends! It was hilarious! 

Sunday morning Emma had her buddy Finn's 2nd birthday party (they are two weeks to the minute apart. They were  both born on Tuesday at 2:50pm. So crazy). The weather held off until after the party which was great. It was a cool park I'd never been to before. Emma had a great time! Can't believe how soon it is until her 2nd birthday. My how time flies. 

That about covers the past month for the Robinsons. Work has been filled with TESTING. Today is our last day of standardized testing and then the rest of the school year is on a downward slope. Counting down until Summer. 22 days of school left and 25 days of work left for me (We have one regular post planning day and then two makeup days from all the snow after Memorial Day unfortunately). BRING ON SUMMER BREAK!