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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday: Top 5 photos

Today's topic is top 5 photos of all time but I really couldn't narrow that much so top 10 it is for me! 

 1. The day Tommy and I got married {5.31.14} #bestdayever My wedding day is what started this crazy journey called life with my partner and I am oh so grateful that he is my partner in this life.
2. The day Emma was born {5.10.16}. This was the first picture I took of her before anyone else got to meet her. The rolls...the cheeks...the snuggles...I could have stayed in that position forever.

3. The first time we met Cooper and the day he came home {December 2012} Oh he was so tiny and soft. 
4. The day Emma was baptized and both our families were all gathered together to celebrate. This is so special to me. {September 11, 2016}
5. My beautiful family. We got these pictures taken for my Nana's 80th birthday and I will forever cherish these beautiful pictures. 
6. I just love this picture. I think Emma was 10 days old here and we were going to the pool with some friends. I think this was one of my first outings away from the house and Emma was so relaxed. 
7. This bond is so precious to me. We were all sitting around at the beach and Cooper just came over and plopped himself right next to Emma to protect her. He had never gotten this close to her before. She is his favorite. He gets all the belly laughs. He's in for it when she can chase after him. 
8. There is something so special about your parents loving on your own child. Seeing my parents as grandparents has been such a joy to watch. They love on Emma and Collier and we are so thankful they live so close. 
9. This might be my favorite picture of Emma. You can see how she smiles through her eyes and dimples in this one. She is my favorite and lights up the room with that smile of hers. 
10. Love watching Tommy as a dad. Emma loves him so and I hope she knows how lucky she is to have him as her protector. 

I'm sure I could have picked so many more but these show you a lot of what makes me, me!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Life Lately

We have been busy lately and it's not getting any quieter around these parts! Last week Emma came down with yet another double ear infection and along with that has come teething of her molars (I think!). She has her moments where she is totally fine but she also has her moments when she is inconsolable. Her gums are so swollen and poor baby can't get any comfort in that area (thank goodness for motrin on the really bad days). 
 hand in mouth constantly 

On Friday we also attended the funeral of some of our friend's mom who passed away from her 15-month battle with cancer. It was a beautifully done service and Salle's life was well celebrated. 

Saturday was such a pretty day we had to venture to the park to soak it up!

On Saturday night we threw our friends, Christy and Andrew, a couples fiesta shower with 5 other couples. We had a great time and they got some awesome stuff for their home. They live down in West Palm Beach, Florida so it was great to see them! Andrew hadn't been home since Christmas. Christy is one of my oldest friends and Andrew is one of Tommy's oldest friends so it's a lot of fun that they are getting married. We have some fun activities for them coming up in the next month or so! Here are some pictures from that night! (thanks Mimi and Baba for having Emma for the night!)

Yesterday I also got out on the tennis courts and now my head is killing me. This pollen is really making my allergies flare up big time. It's no fun! Looking forward to escaping Atlanta for the beach next week and getting a break hopefully from all the pollen.

My parents have listed their house and we are hoping for a contract to come through soon! They have done a LOT of work to it in the past 6 months to get it ready to list. It looks beautiful. If you know anyone looking in the Marietta area please send them HERE!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Weekend Recap: Birthdays Edition

Friday was St. Patricks Day and I was on my own til later that night because Tommy was in Chicago for work. This St. Patricks Day was a bit different than in my past ;) Emma and I spent the afternoon out on the front lawn enjoying the beautiful weather. It was a gorgeous afternoon! 

Saturday began our hectic weekend. Of course it poured with rain on Saturday morning and we had wanted to go to Murphy Candler for lunch with my family for my mom's 60th. We ended up hosting everyone at our house instead and had a great time. It didn't really matter where we were as long as we were together to celebrate. We had chicken salad chick, croissants, fruit salad, green salad, and cookie cake for lunch. The kids enjoyed playing and we all enjoyed the time together! Emma was pooped by the end of lunch. She didn't stop "talking" the entire time everyone was here. Lots to say from that little body of hers. Her personality comes out more and more every day. She sure loves her cousin and I think her favorite person is Auntie Bonnie!

After her nap we headed to Emma's friend's first birthday party. Annie Kilch is such a sweet little ball of sunshine! It was great to see everyone from our tennis team away from the courts and catch up. The kiddos had a great time playing (not getting their group picture taken) especially in the bounce house. I think we need one of these because it was such a hit!!! Katie did such a cute job with the decorations and bunny theme. It was adorable and a special time celebrating a special little girl. 

After the party we came home and I fed Emma then headed out to dinner at Gaja with my college girlfriends. Lizzie just moved back to Atlanta and Colleen was in town visiting from Nashville. The food was so interesting (Korean food) and delicious! We went to Ladybird after and I just stayed for a half hour or so then headed home. I just can't hang too late anymore knowing my wake up is still going to be early. I do the best I can!

Sunday we started our day with brunch at the Robinsons. Beth was in town this weekend for an appointment at the airport this morning so we went to hang out for the morning. Courtney made quite the feast! Emma skipped her morning nap because she was having too much fun playing with Coco and Tpop. 

After brunch we came home and I headed out to Decatur for my tennis match. I played line 2 with Bonnie. It was such a pretty day to be outside playing. We played well but lost in the third set. We had such long points and went to deuce at least 25 times. Tough loss! This was opening weekend of Alta Spring tennis. I so enjoy my tennis team and getting out and playing. 

After my match I rushed home to get ready for dinner for my mom's 60th with friends and family. I know are you tired just thinking about how packed my weekend was. I am just retelling it! We set up dinner at Gypsy Kitchen. We did a pre-set menu where we got to pick out around 8 tapas that they brought out for everyone to share with churros for dessert. The food was so good and it is always fun to get to try a bunch of different things. Thank you Nana for dinner! We had a GREAT time with my whole family (minus the babies), the Lawries, and the Balfours. My mom enjoyed herself and we all enjoyed celebrating her. Emma got to spend the evening playing with her Coco and Beth. She got lots of grandparent/Auntie time this weekend which is always good for her (and for us!). 

Whew what a weekend. I am exhausted and need a weekend to recover from my weekend. We are so lucky that we have such fun celebrations with our loved ones and that our loved ones live so close. 

Happy birthday to my dad today too! Baba is so loved! Spring really sprung today too! Hope this weather is here to stay. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week.