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Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Recap- Wedding Edition

So the Robinson's MO these days is that we are always going to weddings or wedding related events and this weekend was full of them! 

Friday night, we had a Stock the Bar shower for my long-time family friend, Ben, and his fiance, Emily. I unfortunately forgot to take some pictures. The party was at a house in Brookhaven. It was great to see Ben's parents and a few other friends of mine from college. Ben and Emily are getting married in October in Dahlonega! My whole family is going so needless to say I can't wait!!

After the shower, we hopped over to the St. Regis to grab a drink with our college friends who had just left the rehearsal dinner for our friends getting married on Saturday. 

Saturday morning I had a bridal shower for my good friend from college, Lizzie. Lizzie is getting married in Hilton Head in three weeks! Colleen and Carly did a great job decorating and cooking for the shower. Lizzie got all kinds of great gifts and it was a nice, small shower getting to celebrate her and Nick. 

Saturday night, we had a wedding for Tommy's old roommate (my high school prom date) and his fiance, Colin and Meghan. I was so excited about this wedding as they are some of our closest couple friends and we knew so many people that were going. It's funny how small the world really gets. The couple we had the shower for Friday night were there because Emily and Meghan work together. It was a great gathering at our favorite place (where we had our reception) Summerour Studios. Meghan did a beautiful job decorating the space. Bold American did a fantastic job with the food. They had a fried chicken station, pulled pork in a mason jar station, and a salmon station. Since our wedding, Summerour has taken over the upstairs that used to be an architectural firm. That is where the cocktail hour was held as well as in the courtyard. Would have been wonderful on our wedding day as it was POURING down rain and our cocktail hour ended up in the main room. Oh well! Here are some pictures from the night. Meghan was glowing and you could just feel the love in the room all night. Such a special time with our friends! 
(Peachtree Road Methodist Church)

(Elizabeth Mitchler)
(The Hartmans)

Sunday, we slept in (aren't you exhausted from reading about your weekend because I sure am!) and tried our brunch at Southbound. It was yummyyyy

 After brunch,  I spent the afternoon running my grocery errands for the week. We popped over to the Willi household to see my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew since we didn't get to see them all weekend. Every time I see Collier I feel like he has changed so I try not to go more than a week without a visit over to them! After a quick visit, we headed to a Red Dot picnic (community groups with our church) in Sandy Springs (we usually go to the Brookhaven events) because the Sandy Springs Red Dot group is really making a huge effort to get involved at my school. My principal, his family, two other teachers, and their husbands all went to be able to promote our school and answer questions any community members had about our school. There was a great turnout and the weather held off! We had a great time and felt very loved that so many people are wanting to help our students.

Looking forward to a great week!
Happy Monday!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Friday Favorites

Linking up with Narci, Erika, and Andrea again for Friday Favorites. This weeks is a super short version but wanted to still participate! 

1. Finally went and explored bloglovin yesterday and man it's so much easier to read updates from there than always going into blogger. Slow up on the uptake I know! Added my blog on there too. 

2. I blogged about this yesterday but decorated the house for football this week! 

3. Texts I get from my sister with updates on what is going on with Collier! (Her daycare has a private FB page where they put pictures up each day). Miss that little one during the week. Poor guy was sick over the weekend but has recovered. Isn't he just the cutest!! 

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!

Decor for Football Season

What do you do on a Thursday afternoon after a 3 day training....find decorations you made last year and decorate your house for football season! I was bored of the plain (haven't gotten into how to decorate appropriately for Summer) jane look of the house. I love decorating for the seasons and over time I'm slowly collecting some goodies to help decorate with. We are one week away from Football season and it's not cool enough out yet for Fall decorations so I figured why not decorate for Football! 

Here are some photos from around the house. Go Dawgs and War Eagle are the chants that happen in the Robinson household.

(What you do when you don't have a mantle. Hopefully by Christmas!!) 

(Bringing home my chalkboard pens from work tomorrow to make it better but couldn't leave it blank) 

(Why not use cornhole bags in hurricanes) 

Excited for the season to start. We are going to the Dome next weekend for the Auburn game. I'm a fan of Auburn when they aren't playing Georgia. 

So I'm slow on the uptake in this blogging world and I finally explored bloglovin. If you want to officially follow my blog I would love to have you! 

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What's Up Wednesday- August

What we're eating this week..... I blogged about this on Sunday but we are still eating off of the quinoa enchilada bake (I added ground turkey). We are also planning on grilling chicken and vegetables tonight and then using leftover grilled chicken for salad on Thursday. 

What I'm reminiscing about....Summer and sleep! I am so excited about Fall coming but miss the leisure of summer. We had a wonderful summer (with it's moments of ups and downs) with pool days, tennis, vacations, beach, and friends. 

What I'm loving....The fall clothes, glimpses of the weather changing, football about to start, and being back on a schedule. I know I'm contradicting myself as I am missing my Summer flexibility but I do love being back in my regular routine. 

What we've been up to....Tommy has had a lot of softball games, I went with my sister to Athens to visit the twins, both of us started new jobs this month, and enjoying time with friends at weddings. It's been a busy month filled with lots of rainy days. 

What I'm dreading....

What I'm working on....Getting my husband to build these for me (it's not going well so far!) My order of preference is sofa table, mantle, and coffee table. I want the mantle by Christmas at the least! I'm slowly working on getting him on board for building again. 

What I'm excited about...I am a member of Peachtree Presbyterian Church and this year they are really wanting to make my school where I work a focus. Lake Forest really could use community support and I love that my church is taking this on. Peachtree Presbyterian came to interview my new principal and I am so grateful to be working for someone who walks the walk. Here is a link to the video interview. 

What I'm watching/reading...I am on a binge of watching Private Practice on netflix. 

Image result for private practice

I'm reading from my favorite...Pioneer woman! 

What I'm listening to...The Bert Show on Q100 to work. I get about 20 minutes of their entertainment every morning. 
Image result for bert show
What I'm wearing... I did a little back to school shopping and here are my favorites! 
You can buy this shirt here
You can buy this dress here

You can buy this dress here

What I'm doing this weekend....Friday night we have a stock the bar shower for our family friend, Ben, and his fiance Emily. Saturday I have a wedding shower for my college friend, Lizzie. Saturday night we have a wedding for our 2 friends from college and Tommy's old roommate. I'm excited about their wedding because they are having their reception at the same place we got married! Excited to go back and experience it from the guest side. I love Summerour! 

Needless to say it's going to be a crazy busy weekend! 

What I'm looking forward to next month...I am really excited to be going to Hilton Head with my college friends to watch our friend Lizzie get married. We rented this house and are getting a long weekend together! With everyone living all over the place I cherish the times we are all together. Also looking forward to football season starting! My house is divided between UGA (Go dawgs!) and Auburn (hubby's team). By the time December rolls around I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune when all we do all weekend is watch football but it sure is fun! 

What's your favorite back to school tradition? Since it's just me and Tommy we don't really have back-to-school traditions but I look forward to the day where I start these with my kids. The beginning of a school year is always exciting and I can't wait to have these moments. 

That's it from me folks! Can't believe it's almost SEPTEMBER!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Weekend Recap

We had a nice weekend with friends, family, and productivity. Friday night we went to El Taco in the highlands for a my friend's, Alex, birthday dinner. We had delicious Mexican pizza and margaritas! I didn't take any pictures unfortunately but we had a great time celebrating Al! 

Saturday morning we had an early start. Tommy headed out early for an 8 am tee time and I got up to walk cooper and get ready for my day. I went to a yard sale benefitting a woman who died recently in Buckhead from an unknown disease. It was a terrible story and I felt inclined to go to the sale to raise money for her husband to pay the hospital bills. The community donated items to sell and all the profits went to the husband and her two daughters. I bought a fireplace shield ($15 steal!), a candle holder for my dining table and a toy for Collier. I consider that a success!

From the sale, I headed to Bonnie's to leave for Athens for lunch. Collier was supposed to come with but he caught a cold this weekend and needed to stay home and sleep. We left for Athens to meet up with my other brother and sister for lunch at our favorite place Pauleys! Their buffalo chicken crepe is the best. We had a great sibling lunch. It was nice just being the four of us. We don't get that opportunity very often. I hadn't seen Claire since she left for her study abroad at the beginning of July so it was great to catch up with her and see her new place. After lunch we drove to Claire's house (she lives in the same neighborhood I lived in my junior/senior year of college. So many memories in the Station). From there we drove to James' place to see his house. They both seemed settled and ready to take on their junior year of college! It was great to see them and looking forward to some game weekends in Athens very soon. 

Saturday when I got home I headed to a friends parents house to hang out by the pool for a few hours. From the pool, our friends came to our house for some Mellow Mushroom pizza, dog play time, and catch up time with the girls. We had a relaxing night surrounded by good friends. Not much better than that! We bought our house because we like to entertain people and this was a nice night of low-key entertaining. Tommy and I are lucky that our friends married each other so when the couples come over I have my best friends over and he does too. Just about perfect! 

Today we woke up to a thunderstorm and lots of rain! I had some monogramming I needed to get caught up on for our friends Wendy and Frank who are having their first child in September. I can't wait to meet baby Charlie in just a few weeks! Wendy let me take free reign on the bibs and onesies which was fun for me. 

Once I finished monogramming I decided I wanted to repaint the sofa table we have in our living room. I painted it red a few years ago when I was living in my apartment and just hadn't touched it since. The red didn't really go with the rest of my decor so I bought some grey paint and I like it so much better! Looks so fresh and clean now and matches the rest of my color scheme much better. Tommy hated the red and so he likes this much better too! 

I spent the late afternoon cooking up some quinoa salad for myself for lunch this week and a quinoa enchilada bake for dinner. This casserole was a hit with the hubby so it will be making another appearance. I added ground turkey to appease the male in my life. It was delicious! 

Buffalo chicken quinoa salad for me this week for lunch. Finally got myself organized and made it for the week. 

That wraps up our weekend. Looking forward to a busy week of TKES training and getting ready for being able to do classroom observations. 

Have a great week! 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Favorites

I'm linking up with Narci, Andrea, and Erika for Friday Favorites! 

1. This week these have been my favorite friends.....

Week 2 of school and allergy season starting so I already got my first sinus infection of the school year. 

2. A new favorite of mine is that with my new position I have more flexibility in my schedule and am able to pop into classrooms and see all the great things going on in my building! Here are some collages from the @lflions twitter account that I took this week!

3. A friend of mine (the art teacher at my school) has her own business called Vintage Roux and on Monday she left this special treat on my desk to start my week. So cute! She makes some of the coolest things from pounding out vintage spoons. I have given her necklaces as gifts in the past. 

4. ATHENS is a favorite place of mine and I get to go tomorrow with my older sister and nephew to visit our younger brother and sister. I haven't seen my younger sister, Claire, in about 8 weeks because she was studying abroad and the day after returning from Italy she had to get back to UGA for recruitment. Much needed family/sibling time coming my way tomorrow! 
Image result for uga

(Claire on the left and James on the right)

That's it from me for this week! Have a great weekend!