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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Caroline's Bachelorette in Charleston

This weekend was my friend's, Caroline, bachelorette in Charleston. We rented a house on the Isle of Palms. I came a day early to spend the day/night with my sister-in-law who lives in Mount Pleasant. We had a beach day, hibachi dinner and brunch just the two of us. Nice to get some alone time with her to chat and catch up!

Friday afternoon is when all the other girls arrived. We headed down to the beach for a bit before ordering pizza for dinner. We stayed in for the lingerie shower followed by a Coconut Joes visit for some dancing and drinks on Isle of Palms. Here are some pictures of the awesome house we rented and some decorations her MOH put up! 

Saturday we had a delicious brunch made by her MOH, Rachel. 

Followed by a few hours at the beach! Everyone wore their tanks (that o embroidered). It was good times with good friends. We were able to enjoy the beach til around 2:30 when the storm came blowing through. We went back to the house to change to grab a late lunch at Coconut Joes. Delicious beachside seafood! 
(Cup holder was a gift from the groom and the hat was a gift from the bride and mother of the bride. So sweet!)

After lunch we went to the house and all started getting ready for the night. We all got dressed in black and Caroline in white for our dinner and night out in Charleston! 

We went to High Cotton for dinner and it was fantastic! We got the picnic plate to share for a starter and I got shrimp and grits for dinner. I would recommend! 

(Out of the 12 girls on the trip there were 7 of us who had our significant other on the bachelor party for Drew who is Caroline's fiancĂ©. Pretty crazy!...not pictured is Emily and I'm not sure where she went!) 
(All our husbands/fiances lived together after college in Atlanta. They were all together this weekend in Destin for andrews bachelor party. These people are life-long great friends who are very special to both myself and Tommy) 

After dinner we went to the Market Hotel rooftop which had wonderful views of Charleston (where I forgot to take pictures) and danced for a bit before heading to Mynt for more dancing. We had a great night celebrating Caroline. We took a van from our house and back. 

We had a wonderful weekend! Excited for August 8th to celebrate their marriage. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

What we're eating this week...We grilled a bunch of chicken for our families on Sunday so we had chicken fajitas last night, chicken/strawberry/spinach salad tonight, something else with chicken tomorrow night and then we are both out of town the rest of the week! 

What I'm reminiscing about... With our family vacation coming up I've been thinking about all our family summer beach trips over the years. We haven't been as a family to the beach in the summer in I can't even remember how many years. With Bonnie in college, then me in college, and now the twins in college we just haven't had a summer where we had a week to go to the beach all together. (this beach trip is a hodge-podge anyway because James/Tommy can't come until Wednesday night). The beach is our favorite place to go and I've just been thinking about all the good times we have had over the years. 

What I'm loving...Not working and spending time with Collier. I'm on my third week of watching my nephew and we have had so much fun. It's truly amazing how fast they change. Since he's been coming to me he's learned to roll over from his tummy to his back, had to wean him off his swaddle for sleeping, and is alllll about smiling. I'm just waiting for the laugh to come with the smile. 3 weeks ago he would do a side smile but now he has a FULL mouth smile that just melts you. 

(Me and my two favorite buds) 

What we've been up to...June has been a busy month for the Robinsons! We had a couples shower for our friends, Drew and Caroline; a cookout at the Mitchler's house, mixed doubles matches, going away party for Kier and Tom; tennis team cookout; Father's Day; pool days; and for Tommy lots of golf. It's been a great month with lots of summer activities (and HOT weather!). 

What I'm dreading...Having to go back on a schedule in July. I know I know I still have 5 weeks of summer break left but as soon as July hits I'm reminded that I go back to work that month. 

What I'm working on...My "The Best Yes" summer bible study series. I have been to two sessions at Peachtree and have really enjoyed the study and conversation. I also have been working on a lot of monogramming for a friend on my tennis team. She's getting married in December and I'm doing 60 blankets for her! Here is their design. 

What I'm excited about...Going away for 9 days to Charleston and North Litchfield! I am excited to spend time with my family for more than just a meal. I'm excited to celebrate my Nana's 80th birthday. I'm just excited!!!! BEACH

What I'm watching/reading...Ok so summer seems to lead me to binge watch netflix, but this week I decided to re-watch a show I've already seen so many times and own all the DVDs but it's a goody...Brothers and Sisters. Last week I read, The Girl on The Train in three days. It was fantastic! Now I'm reading, The Substitute, and so far so good. Going to load up on some more reads before hitting the beach! 

What I'm listening to...Honestly haven't been listening to too much music b/c a)haven't really been driving since I've been watching Collier and b)when I go to the pool and such I read rather than listen to music. 

What I'm wearing... These shorts I bought a few months ago have been my favorite lately! They are currently 50% off at the LOFT. So comfy and can be dressed up or down. 

What I'm doing this weekend...I leave Thursday morning to spend a day/night with my sister-in-law, Beth, at her house in Mount Pleasant. Then I am meeting up with friends on Friday on Isle of Palms for my friend's, Caroline, bachelorette weekend. We are staying at the beach but going into Charleston for dinner on Saturday. I am really excited! I've known Caroline since Freshman year of college. We lived together in the sorority house. She is marrying one of Tommy's oldest friends and my friend since High School, Drew. Tommy is going to Florida this weekend on Drew's bachelor party. So fun when your friends marry your husband's friends. Make life much easier! We are lucky enough to have that same situation a few times over. Both parties win!

What I'm looking forward to next month...What I'm most excited about in July is finally taking our anniversary trip to Seattle and Portland! We booked our places to stay and have been given so many recommendations. The more the recommendations the better so if you have an idea please share! We are staying in Seattle for 2 nights and Portland for 3. We can't wait to get away with just the two of us and to places neither of us have been. It's going to be wonderful! We are going from July 17-21. 

What else is new...My school has hired a new principal. I am meeting with him in July to discuss my new job title. He seems very nice and energetic. I'm looking forward to hearing what he wants to bring to Lake Forest in the coming years! 

What I'm doing for the Fourth of July...Since our beach house rental was from Saturday to Saturday and the 4th is on a Saturday we were going to have to just come home on the 4th. We are now going to stop back by Charleston on the way home from the beach to stay with Beth for the night and see what Charleston has to offer for the 4th. His sister is coming to Atlanta to run the Peachtree but wanted to go back to Charleston for the night because it's her first year in Charleston and she wanted to experience the 4th there. Major Win for us! We get to break the drive up and get to spend another day at the beach! 

Lots of fun stuff coming our way in the coming weeks! Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day

I am very lucky to have this handsome man as my dad! He leads our family so wonderfully and he leads by example always. His faith is inspiring and his compassion for others is awe inspiring. I was excited to be able to host Father's Day lunch for both mine and Tommy's family. 

The menu:
-grilled peppers with dill and cream cheese filling
- tomato crostini with feta cheese spread 

- grilled chicken breasts
- grilled ribs
- hash brown casserole
- roasted vegetable medley
- broccoli salad

- blueberry and peach cobbler
- blueberry and lemon zest homemade ice cream 

(Brett's gift)
(Tom's gift)
(Dad's gift)

We had a great day with all 13 of us! Tommy grilled the chicken to perfection and every dish made was fantastic. It was a team effort! Love when I get my whole family in the same place at the same time. James came back from Athens and Claire is only home for two more weeks before leaving for Italy. So excited to spend a week at Litchfield Beach with my family next week to celebrate my Nana's 80th birthday. My family means the world to me! 

On the docket for tonight is taking professional family photos (Nana's birthday present) that are more casual than wedding photos and including Collier. Looking forward to seeing what Hayley captures!!! 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Favorites

Linking up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika today for Friday Favorites!

Today is more of a shopping addition (this is what happens when you watch your nephew and are at home which leads to online shopping oops!)

1. I have been eyeing this LOFT dress for awhile now and was waiting for it to go on sale. Today LOFT is having 40% off everything so I went for it! I was wanting to get a few new things to take on my trip to Portland/Seattle in July. Hoping this looks good on me when I get it! 

2. Anthropologie is having their TAG sale with some items up to 50% off. I am obsessed with these shirts and the sale made them normal priced! Is 4 too much?? My husband might kill me. 

3. I have been binging on Orange is The New Black newest season this week. I can't watch it when Collier is awake because of the foul language but it's entertained me while monogramming the past two days. 

4. I am SO enjoying having some free days to do as I please so yesterday I went to my school to eat lunch with my two friends, Sarah and Adrienne, as they are working on IB unit writing. Three exciting things happened while I was there. 1) I moved my stuff from my classroom to my new OFFICE! 2) My new principal was named Wednesday night at the Board meeting and he happened to stop by while I was there yesterday and I got to meet him. Seems really nice and hoping he brings some great things to LF. 3) My friend Adrienne told me she is PREGNANT! So excited for her and Trey. They might just have a Christmas baby! So fun!! 

5. A Summer FAVORITE of mine is going to the pool. I have two pool dates with best friends today to enjoy the sunshine. Georgia is so hot it is a MUST to be IN the water the whole time at the pool. 

(What is it gonna be like in August?!) 

TGIF! Happy Weekend!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Organizing my linen closet

It was time for another day of organizing. My linen closet gave me hives every time I looked in it. I didn't set up a system when we moved in and over 18 months it went from bad to worse! The shelves are really deep and it was hard to see what was in there. Here are the before and after pictures. 

Ah I already feel better! Could even fit all my photo albums my mom made me take from her house and have just been taking up floor space in our extra room. 

I'm a happy girl!