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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What's Up Wednesday-End of September

I'm linking up with The Larson Lingo, Pinterest Told Me To and Mix & Match Family today for What's Up Wednesday which they do the last Wednesday of every month. I can't believe we are already to October. The month of September just disappeared so quickly! 

What we're eating this week.... Well Monday we went to dinner with my in-laws to Ted's, Tuesday we had Costco pizza (lazy weeknight dinner), tonight I'm going to my friend Colleen's for pumpkin enchiladas, and Thursday night we are having ravioli lasagna. 

What I'm reminiscing about.... This past month we went to Hilton Head for a friend of mine's wedding and it was a wonderful time with my friends. I don't get to see all my girlfriends very often because they live all over! (LA, NYC, Columbia, Orlando, Panama City, DC, and Kansas City) It was such a fun weekend and a nice break from work. It makes me sad that it seems that weddings are the only occasions we get everyone together for especially since that was the last one for awhile with my college girlfriends. We need to plan a girls weekend or something so we can all get together! We talk often through our Group Me group but it's not the same as undivided time together for a weekend. I miss them all dearly!

What I'm loving.... I'm loving that the weather has changed and cooler temps are on their way in! (minus the miserable rain this week) I love jeans, boots, leggings, and sweater time so this is my favorite time of the year. I've switched my closet over from my Spring/Summer clothes to Fall/Winter and it makes me happy. I have 3 bags full of clothes to donate to goodwill because I finally decided if I haven't worn it in 2 years than I'm not going to. It made me feel SO much better shedding some of them! 

What we've been up to....September was full of football watching, wedding, meals with friends, tennis starting back up, dealing with a bum tail with Cooper, and time with family (when we can gather them together!). It's been a busy but eventful month! 

What I'm dreading.... So a large part of my job this year is SST meetings (parent meetings with teachers about students who are performing below grade level and need extra support) and I spend 2 FULL days a week running these meetings. I knew what I was getting myself into but I also didn't I guess because they are not very fun and there is SO much pressure when it comes to getting RTI on track at school. Not looking forward to this 2 days a week the rest of the school year. I need to suck it up and accept it but doesn't mean I have to enjoy it (:

What I'm working on.... I'm working on some monogramming for a few different people. I have some bags I'm doing for a girl from my high school for her flower girls, an overnight bag for Tommy's buddies niece, and some burp clothes for a friend on my tennis team. The monogramming has come in slowly and kept me busy. I'm really enjoying it! here are a few of the things I've done this past month. 

What I'm excited about....I'm really excited to go to Kansas City in 2 weekends to visit my friend, Audrey! I haven't been out to visit her since she moved last July so I'm thrilled to get the weekend with her. A girls weekend is much needed right about now! I'm also looking forward to celebrating my nephew's first Halloween! I can't wait to see him in his outfit and squeeze those chubby cheeks. He is just the best. 

What I'm watching/reading....Ha READING isn't happening right now. I know that's bad but I just don't have it in me when I go to bed at night. I'm watching my fave shows now that they are back on! Scandal, Nashville, Modern Family, and Grey's Anatomy. 

What I'm listening to...The radio. I know boring but that's the only time I listen to music is in the car and on the way to work is the Bert Show anyway. Once the new "Serial" series comes out I will be listening to those podcasts to and from work. 

What I'm wearing.... JEANS now that it's not too hot. It's so much easier to get dressed when you can throw a pair of jeans on. It's even better when we have a jeans day at school. It's the little things when you work in a school. 

What I'm doing this weekend....Going to one of my favorite place ATHENS to tailgate for the UGA vs. BAMA game. We don't currently have tickets because right now they are through the roof but if we can scalp some that day we will go in. If not we will just watch it at a tailgate which isn't too bad of a time anyway. Looking forward to heading there for my first game of the season for UGA. I just love Athens and getting to tailgate hop to visit a bunch of different people. There are so many people headed that way this weekend and I can't wait to see James and Claire too. This is definitely UGA's biggest home game of the season. 

Sorry Lindsey

What I'm looking forward to next month....I guess I already answered this earlier in the "what I'm excited about" but there are some things I am really pumped about that are happening this month that will be blogged about at a later date! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Devine Wedding in Hilton Head (9/19/2015)

This past weekend we traveled to Hilton Head for a wedding of a good friend of mine from college. Lizzie and Nick met in Cancun on our spring break sophomore year of college. Such a random but awesome story! Lizzie's parents spend a lot of time at their house in Hilton Head so it was the perfect place for Lizzie to choose. Lizzie and Nick have spent the past year living in Hawaii for his job in the Coast Guard and have just recently moved to Panama City for his new position with the diving school. Lizzie is a PT for geriatrics (what my mom did for many, many years). We loaded up the Krei's expedition and headed out on Thursday night after work.

Our car was Alex, Barak, Luke, Margaret, Tommy and myself. To say we had a good time roadtripping is an understatement! We arrived at the house at about 11:30pm and met up with Samantha, Dave, Elizabeth, Bret, Kier and Tom who had arrived earlier. We all got settled in the house and then hung out for awhile catching up. We then headed out to the house where the girls in the wedding party were staying for an after party after the Low Country Boil which we weren't able to get to in time (Carly, Gorman and Colleen were all bridesmaids). It was great to see Gorman who I hadn't seen in months now that she lives in New York! We then loaded up the expedition and headed back to our house for the night. We all slowly woke up on Friday morning to get our day started. A few of us headed to the grocery store to load up on food for the weekend and a few went to get breakfast for the house. Once everyone was back we headed out to the beach! It wasn't the prettiest day out but it wasn't raining and we enjoyed ourselves for a few hours on the beach! On Friday, Audrey and Rob as well as Kathleen made their way in town. We now had 15 of us staying together with one more arriving on Saturday. We spent the afternoon at the beach before heading back to the house to cookout for dinner and get ready for the night.

The Devine family threw the rehearsal dinner for the wedding party followed by a desserts and drinks party at the same venue for everyone else that was invited to the wedding. It was a great way to kick off the weekend and time to get to see everyone. The venue was in a great location and there were TONS of desserts. Quite a spread of food and drinks!

After the party we had our own after party at our house with hot tub time and lots of dancing. It was a late night!

Saturday we got up and had some breakfast casseroles for breakfast and decided instead of loading everyone up to head to the beach and be back by 3 so everyoone could shower that we would just hang out at our house by the pool for the day. It turned out to be a beautiful day and we just relaxed pool side. We had a GREAT day! Tommy somehow came up with the silliest idea of doing an egg toss (like a water balloon toss but with raw eggs) and everyone was game for it. I must say it was HILARIOUS and it was everything we hoped for and more. Watching everyone toss an egg yards on yards to their partner and cracking was hilarious. Elizabeth and her husband Bret won! It was too funny. Later in the afternoon in order to get 16 people showered and ready we had to start getting ready early to be able to leave at 5 for the ceremony. I organized a big taxi van to take us both Friday and Saturday night which turned out great (and cheap!) so no one would have to drive and we could all ride together.

The Ceremony and reception were both at Colleton River Club but the ceremony was at the Dye Clubhouse and the reception was at the Nicklaus Clubhouse. Both were beautiful settings! The ceremony was on the lawn infront of some huge trees on the golf course. Lizzie looked absolutely stunning! Nick was in his coast guard suit and so were many of his groomsman. It was very cool at the end of the ceremony when they did the sword walkway for them to go through back down the aisle. The Lewis's provided shuttles to take us to the reception.

WOW! Is all I can say about the reception. The cocktail hour alone was spectacular! They had an African Gospel group singing under the tent. They had a display of cocktail shrimp, raw oysters on the half shell, and mussels. The passed hors devours were bacon wrapped scallops, crab cakes, bruschetta, and pork chops. It was unreal! They had a tree with all the table placements hanging from it. The flowers in the entry way and throughout were just beautiful.

Then from the cocktail hour we were welcomed into the reception hall and UNBELIEVABLE is what describes the setting. The centerpieces were stunning and the flowers were gorgeous. Dinner was grouper and a filet. We had a great night celebrating the happy couple! It was such a fun weekend with my friends!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Cooper's accident

So to say our weekend was interesting is an understatement. Friday night tommy got home from work and started doing some yard work. Cooper always just sniffs around the yard and explores while tommy is out there. Friday was no different. 

Tommy was working on trimming the hedges with this...

And Cooper snuck up on him as he was cutting a short bush and his tail unfortunately got in the way. It happened so fast and luckily it was just cut an inch from the end of his tail but no less it wasn't good. I immediately called the emergency vet and off we went!

Cooper had to stay the night after getting his surgery to remove the partly detached part and finish the job essentially. Poor buddy has a shaved tail with stitches and has to wear a cone around his head. 

Cooper isn't sleeping well at night an paces the house during the day. He's on pain medicine but I'm sure is still in a lot of pain. He's not eating great either. 

To say the least I'm stressed and worried about him. I also am not feeling great because of the lack of sleep so I took a half day today to come check on him and take a nap. 

We are going away this weekend and once we get home we will get his stitches removed. I'm hoping by mid-week he starts returning back to normal. 

If you think about it say a prayer for our little buddy and that he heals quickly!