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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow days

This week we had two unexpected snow days. The month of February has flown by and I feel like I've barely worked (probably because I haven't). It was nice being home the past two days but it also indicates it's crunch time from here until testing for school.

On my snow days I very much enjoyed myself! 

Day 1
I got up soon after Tommy left for work and graded a ton of papers. Trying to get caught up on what we've been able to accomplish in just a few days. Then I headed over to my friend Lindsey's to catch up with her and spend some time with her boys. Such a nice day to catch up on life. She is a very special friend that I miss dearly now that she's staying at home. Can't believe how much her boys grow between visits. Gaines turns one in a week which just seems crazy to me! I spent the rest of my day playing with my Monogramming machine. Here are a few of my projects (baby nephew gets spoiled by my practice runs because I know him and my sister won't judge the imperfections!) 

Then made us some dinner and got the call there was yet another snow day so I enjoyed the rest of my night enjoying my Friends Netflix binge! 

Tommy built our China cabinet and I loaded it up! So excited to have it on display in the sun room. Our China is all cream and sage in the Meridian pattern by Casafina. I love it all so much! 

Over Christmas break, my mother-in-law gave us a lot of family China and glasses that are now in the buffet and no longer in boxes in my guest room 😃

Day 2: 
I slept in later today (5:30 tomorrow will come way too soon) and headed over to my sisters to hang out and let the dogs play for a few hours. Brought her some Dandy's Donuts which is a local donut joint in Chamblee that is delicious! I gave her the baby clothes and we gabbed for a few hours. Perks of her living two minutes away and working from home with no conference calls scheduled for the morning! The puppies were exhausted when we left so our mission was accomplished! I spent the rest of the day working on my leadership endorsement course work and popped over to school for a quick meeting with my principal. 

Now it's time for Thursday night tv (unfortunately no scandal tonight) and to bed early! 

Feeling refreshed and renewed for my one day left of work this week! Next week is gonna be rough actually having to work for five days! (I know you don't feel sorry for me) Never thought I'd hear myself say I'm ready for a normal week and over snow days. My 12-year old self would slap me. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Audrey and Rob's Couples shower

One of my best friends, Audrey Long, is getting married on April 25th to Rob Turner. She now lives in Kansas city (tear) so she flew in this weekend for wedding planning and some wedding showers. With school getting canceled on Friday, I jumped at the chance to get to see Audrey for a little bit longer. I met her and Rob for a drink after their wedding tasting before they headed back up to Roswell for the night. 

Then on Saturday night we had a couples shower for them at the Turner's best friends house in Marietta. It was a great evening getting to catch up with friends and visit with the happy couple. The Harrell's did such a nice job with the event and everyone enjoyed themselves. Audrey and Rob got some awesome presents that will at some point make their way back to Missouri! 

Here are a few pictures from the evening.

 They played a question game where they held up either their shoe or the other's shoe to whoever the answer best pertained to. They were very in sync with their answers! 
 Group shot of my sorority sisters. Love getting to see them all! We are missing quite a few that I can't wait to see so soon for the wedding!
We went out in the Highlands after the shower so we could spend some more time with Audrey. I really miss having her in Atlanta! I truly treasure every minute I get to spend with her when she's home. So excited for her bachelorette  party in Nashville in a few short weeks and the wedding a few weeks after that. So much fun still to come! 

My weekend was full of showers. You can read here about my sister's baby shower. I also had a wedding shower for another girlfriend of mine today but unfortunately didn't get any pictures. Kyle Locklear is marrying one of tommy's best friends, Andrew, at the end of March. I am going on her bachelorette in Asheville in two weeks and they are getting married on March 28th. Yes, as you can tell we are very full of wedding and baby fun in the coming weeks! My blog for the month of March will be full of bachelorette parties/wedding and my April will be full of weddings! Oh life in your twenties. 

Bonnie's Book Baby Shower

I can't believe how close we are to meeting my nephew! Just 5 short weeks until his due date. I am SO excited to meet him (still can't get my sister to crack to tell me his name!) Bonnie's college girlfriends threw her a shower this weekend and it was adorable! I know there will be picture overload but I just loved all the decorations. In lieu of a card, each guest was asked to bring their favorite childhood book and we each put a sticker in the inside cover that said "This book belongs to baby Willi...With Love," It was such a great idea and a great way to get his book collection started! She didn't get any repeats which was even better. I was "ooing" and "ahhing" over books I used to love reading when I was younger and can't wait to read them to him. I didn't pick my favorite baby book to give her but stumbled across a book that had tons of bible stories for children and I couldn't resist. We played a game where we listened to a clip from a song and had to guess the title (all of them had the word "baby" in them) and artist. The winner got an iTunes giftcard. I am terrible at knowing song names and/or artists so I clearly did NOT win that game. The next game was pictures of main characters from childhood stories that we had to guess. Cute games for the shower. Bonnie got some awesome gifts! All the hostesses went in on getting her the car seat and car seat base. She got some handmade outfits by my mom's friend, Heather. She got her play mat and diaper genie too. Baby Willi your parents are all set and ready for your arrival now!

So here are the pictures!

 The food table. Each dish had a book to match. This is a teachers dream shower!

 Those cookies looked like buttons to go with "Corduroy" 
 Cute banner on book pages
 "The Velveteen Rabbit" is sentimental because in our sorority every year we would read from it during our Pref round during rush. Bonnie's sorority sister are the ones who threw the shower. Love this! 
 Wreath on the front door
 Bonnie's friends, Caitlin and Courtney, that flew in for the weekend from Houston. She met them during her stint living in DC. It was great to see them both. I hadn't seen them since Bonnie's wedding. Courtney is also expecting a little boy in June! 
 The glowing Mommy! 
 Bonnie and all her hostesses
 4 generations! My nana, my mom, the three sisters, and baby boy! We are SO excited about having a little boy around. 

Baby Willi was showered with so much love at the shower! Bonnie had friends travel from Chicago, New Orleans, Greenville, and Houston. What a special day for her! 

Now I'm really ready for his arrival!

Monday, February 16, 2015

A few of my favorite things

On this dreary, rainy night I've decided to write about some of my favorite things lately. These are a few staples in my life currently that I would recommend for anyone!

I know I've mentioned recipes from the skinny taste blog before but for Christmas I got her cookbook. I have yet to be disappointed by any of the ones in the cookbook! Tonight I made the caprese pasta with chicken and it was delicious. Next up for this week I'm making three more meals from the book. Highly recommend! 

This is not a new item in my house but it's something I use every day. We got this as a wedding gift from Pottery Barn. It's fleece on one side and cable knit on the other. Not only is it pretty but it's so comfortable to lounge with while watching tv. 

This Kendra Scott necklace was a birthday present from friends and I'm obsessed! It's so easy to throw on with anything and it just gives a little fun to your outfit!! 

This top was the best purchase I've had in a long time. I loved it so much I bought it in another color too. It's so comfortable and versatile. Anthropologie really hit the spot with this top. Also not a break-the-bank Anthro purchase either! 

This is my favorite wine at the moment. It runs $8.99 at Kroger and is delicious! 

Coming soon....I bought a monogramming/sewing machine today. Once I get up and running I will show/discuss my progress in learning how to embroider and sew. I am SO excited to get started!!! My nephew sister is really going to be the winner in all this monogramming practice! 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Life As of Late

Life with the Robinsons has become very hectic and busy! Last weekend was beautiful with Spring-like weather. We took full advantage of the sunshine and spent our Saturday on the back deck grilling our first BGE pizza and hanging out. Sunday we spent the whole day at the tennis courts for our match. 

We also had a Fiesta Couples Shower for our friends Carly and Michael. Always a good time getting together with my college girl friends and their significant others! Carly and Michael are getting married April 11th. Can't wait for the wedding!

This past week was full with Supper Club, night planning another good friend of mine's wedding shower, tennis practice, and babysitting. 

On Valentines Day, I woke up and made tried to make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. Then went to meet up with my sister to walk Cooper, Henley and Holly. We switched Holly over to Bonnie for the rest of the weekend (my parents went away for the weekend so we watched their golden for the weekend) 
(you can kinda see the heart shape)

Came home from my walk to these beautiful flowers and a card.

(Cooper and Holly walking together. Forgot to take one of all three dogs)

Later, we went to the Nook for brunch with a large group of buddies to celebrate Matt Reynolds's birthday followed by pizza and drinks at their house for dinner. Matt's birthday is the 16th so we celebrated all day Saturday. We had a great time as always!! Sure is great that my best friend is married to my husbands best friend. Best of both worlds!

On Sunday, we celebrated Valentines just the two of us. We tried out Southern Gentleman (new restaurant in the new Buckhead Atlanta area)
It was fantastic! They twist on southern food. I had delicious flounder and Tommy had a roasted pork shoulder. I would highly recommend! 

Life has been super busy but wonderful. Many weekends of baby showers, wedding showers and weddings to come in the next few months. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Showering the Ones I Love

This weekend started our months of celebrations for our friends getting married and my sister having a baby. Saturday night we threw a couples shower with a few other couples for our friends, Andrew and Kyle. It was a great night with lots of friends! The shower was held at our house and we served a BBQ dinner (thank you Tommy for the hard work and getting up at 4am to start the meat!) and a dessert table. Here are some pictures of the decorations and such from the shower. 
Table with the appetizers (not all the food was set out just yet)

Mason Jars for margaritas, sweet tea, water, or wine.
Wine set up in the kitchen (can't figure out how to flip it on here!) 
Coffee set up 
Area for the presents and some pictures of the couple through the years
Dinner display (again food didn't go out until we were ready to serve!) We had BBQ, mac n cheese, baked beans and broccoli/kale salad. 
Dessert table with lots of pies and cupcakes
the food corner with more pictures of the happy couple
Ready to enjoy the party! 
My friend, Caroline, another one of the hostesses
Kyle and Andrew opening their presents. They got some great stuff! 

We had a great time with great friends! One of our favorite things that we set up was a little photo booth area that had XO balloons. Kim (Kyle's sister) had a polaroid camera she set up for people to take pictures and write a note to the future Hartmans. Such a cute idea! It was a late night of celebrations. 

Sunday afternoon I had my sister's first baby shower for baby Willi (no I don't know the name because she won't tell me. It's KILLING me cute she won't share until the baby is born). Bonnie is due on March 29th. It couldn't come soon enough! The baby shower was held at her high school friend, Sarah's, house in Peachtree Hills. It was hosted by Sarah, her great friend Katie (my tennis team captain), and a good friend from her bible study. Everything was so cute and it was so nice to see some of Bonnie's friends I don't see very often. Baby Willi is decked out with tons of cute clothes, great blankets, and all kinds of gadgets that one day I will learn the use of! 
I forgot my camera of course so here is a collage Bonnie made. Top left is caramel cake from Cecilia's in Athens (YUMMY and where we both got our wedding cakes from). Middle left is a wishing tree everyone wrote a little wish for the baby to hang on it. The food was wonderful! Top right is Bonnie with Sarah and Katie (2 of the hostesses). Bottom right are the girls from our tennis team. Boy do we have a great time together and it's been so fun for my best friend Ansley and I to get to know all these girls through Bonnie!

Bonnie is looking great and I can't wait to meet my nephew! Looking forward to seeing my sister become a mom and having a baby around all the time! 

Ended my weekend with the Super Bowl. I lasted until 7:30 being social, went home and was in bed to watch the halftime show before calling it a night. This weekend was exhausting yet wonderful!