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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Weekend Recap

This past weekend we had some fun with some relaxation mixed in (I know shocker!). On Friday night we didn't have plans so we took Emma in her reindeer pajamas to see the blow up house on Peachtree Dunwoody. If you live in the Atlanta area you've heard about the house with all the inflatables. It's pretty incredible how many they have. She was fascinated! We then came home and ate leftovers for dinner and then Andrew and Kyle Hartman came over after Emma went to bed to just hang out and catch up. My kind of Friday night! 

Saturday morning we started our day with a new tradition I think is going to stick. We went to my sister's house for Pancakes and Pajamas with a bunch of our friends with kids. The little ones looked so cute in their Christmas pajamas and we enjoyed the yummy breakfast and company. Emma was WIPED by the end and fell asleep on me. Bonnie's neighbor is a Santa for somewhere in Chamblee so he made a guest appearance. Some loved him but my child still isn't a fan #maybenextyear. So great! It was nice to hang out with others going through the same stage as us. Our closest friends are so great about us bringing along Emma or understanding when we can't do things but it's always refreshing to be surrounded by people in the same season of life as you.

From Bonnie's we came home and I spent the rest of the day at the house getting some monogramming done and Emma took a stellar nap. We also ran out to Target and other shops ;) to finish our Christmas shopping. Tommy went to play golf in the freezing and rain. NO THANK YOU! He regretted it afterwards (that's a first I think). We ended our night with dinner at Los Bravos followed by watching Home Alone. I just love all the Christmas movies!

Sunday morning we had brunch at my sister's house with my family. Bonnie, Brett, and Collier are going to Ohio for Christmas with the Willi family so we exchanged our gifts with them on Sunday morning. It is so much fun watching Collier because he's just blown away by his gifts and is our entertainment. He loves Elmo so that was his first gift he opened. Took some warming up for him but then he was fascinated by him (thanks to the coaxing grandpa did to get him used to this furry red figure!). We ate a delicious meal and enjoyed the time all together. We will really miss having them here for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. I know Collier is going to enjoy getting to play with his cousin, Max. What sucks about getting older is having to share your loved ones with their loved ones. We got spoiled by the Willis and had a wonderful morning! 

From there we just came home and relaxed on the dreary day. Emma did NOT take a stellar nap this time so I ended up rocking her for an hour and half for her to sleep (I didn't hate it. This momma misses all the snuggles). We cooked up some calzones for dinner and hit the hay early to prepare for our hectic week!

Today things are really taking off for us. Today is James and Claire's 22nd birthday so the whole family is going to dinner tonight (minus the littles. The twins deserve an adult dinner for their birthday! Thanks Ansley and Matt for babysitting!), tomorrow is my work holiday party after school, Thursday some of my college girlfriends and their significant others are coming over, then Friday starts all the Christmas celebrations as well as a baby shower for my best friend Ansley. We are jam packed but so excited for the time I get to spend with my friends and family. I have said it so many times but I just LOVE the month of December!

Lastly, just wanted to put on here what I got Emma's teachers for Christmas. 

More posts to come with recaps of the events in the next week. I don't know that I'll be blogging again before Christmas so wishing you all a Merry Christmas! 

Much love,
Tommy, Lisa and Emma

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Emma: 7 Months

Seven Months!

Oh Emma you are growing up way too fast! Time needs to slowwwww down. 

We didn't go to the doctor this month so no update on her height/weight but I think she is around 19 lbs. 

Clothes: Nine months
Diapers: Size 3

Milestones: She is really getting the hang of sitting on her own and finding her balance. She got her first two bottom teeth! (woah teething really wrecked our little love) She got her first ear infection (double at that). She can scoot herself around in the same general area while laying on her belly. She hasn't figured out yet that hands and knees need to be involved in order to crawl. She visited Santa for the first time and was fine until cousin Collier joined who was UPSET so she followed suit. She celebrated her first Thanksgiving with both the Robinson family and Williams family. She went on her first vacation with the Robinsons. She went to her first Christmas party (and success for mom and dad. Since she's been a pill towards others lately we decided to bring the pack n play to the Mitchler's house so we could put her to bed during the party and just transfer her to her crib later. She did great!)

Likes: she loves her new Little People Nativity set, being supported standing up and falling (with mommy's guidance of course) which she thinks is hysterical, her jumparoo/exersauser whatever they are called, all food she's tried so far, puffs and last but not least MOMMY. Oh boy are we in a Mommy phase. 

Dislikes: Anyone but mom or dad (and really everyone but mom when others are around), getting out of the bath, getting her diaper changed, when mommy leaves the room she is in, and sitting in the high chair waiting for me to get her food ready.

Emma this past month your personality has really started to shine. You think we are so funny (which makes our hearts melt), you are so aware of your surroundings, you are really trying to get yourself around especially towards Cooper, and you love to hear our voices talking to you. We can't imagine loving you any more. We are so blessed! 

I can't wait to experience your first Christmas during this next month and see the joy of the holiday through your eyes sweet one.

Photo dump:

Monday, December 12, 2016

Favorite Things Party

Since graduating from college, my best friend Ansley and I have hosted some form of a Christmas party for our girlfriends. We started with a cookie exchange in our first apartment and then we took 2013 off (for good reason. Ansley got married December 21st!) and then last year we started a Favorite Things Party. She and I rotate years as to who hosts and this year is Ansley's turn. 

The way it works: Everyone brings an appetizer or dessert to share and 3 of the same item ($10-15 range) unwrapped. Everyone puts their name in a hat 3 times and each person tells a little something about their gift. They then pick three names out of the hat to go home with their item. At the end of the night you get to take home three of other's favorite things. We really enjoyed it last year so I think this theme is here to stay! Everyone brought their A game with their gifts this year. I landed up with a starbucks gift card, a le creuset small pan, and some bare minerals eye shadow. Some of the other gifts were the Skinny Taste Crockpot cookbook, exfoliators, volcano candles from Anthro, Mix and Match Mama's Cakes cookbook, gels for under your eyes to help them not look so tired, and a fan that plugs into your phone. Some fun little things that everyone enjoys! 

I posted on my Friday Favorites last week what I was making for the party but here are some pictures from the event itself!

We had a great night! Too much fun with my girlfriends. Looking forward to next year already!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Favorites

Linking up for Friday Favorites this week!

1. I've posted twice now about my December to-do list and wrote some updates HERE but here are some others we have checked off the list!
Here is a picture of the boxes I delivered the reindeer chow for our neighbors in. I just took to four of our neighbors that we know better than the rest.

I made a bunch of the food for my girls night tonight at Ansley's house. Mint Chocolate chip cookies, snowman cheese balls, and Christmas cheese pull apart bread (which I have posted the Pinterest picture here because I'm not baking the bread until tonight) My pinterest name is :lisarobinson31

I made Mix and Match Mama's peppermint cookies for a party we had last weekend and they were a BIG hit! 

2. I love how our Christmas card turned out! I mailed them this week. We took these pictures at Thanksgiving with the photographer who is shooting Tommy's sister's wedding in February. He did a great job!

3. The jumparoo toy is such a huge hit with Emma these days and she cracks us up when she is playing in it. This also allows this momma to get some cooking done and things around the house. Too cute! She's my FAVORITE!

4. I shared this on my Instagram yesterday but it was my parent's 37th wedding anniversary yesterday. We are a lucky bunch (all 4 of their children, 2 son-in-laws, and 2 grandchildren) to have such a wonderful example of a strong, faithful marriage. Hopefully they will get to celebrate this weekend. We love you mom and dad!

5. Lastly I'm thankful for some quality time spent with Tommy and Emma. I know life has been so crazy lately but we actually had a few nights this week where we got to sit down at the dining room table and eat dinner together. For added pleasure is a picture of Emma not wanting to wake up (me either girlfriend) because she looked so peaceful and sweet here I couldn't resist. 
 (those lips, that nose, those tiny hands...)

Have a wonderful weekend! I'll be back Monday with how our weekend was! Lots of fun Holiday activities in the works!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday: Christmas Decorations

I am linking up with Andrea today at Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday. I have missed a lot of these link ups this year (FTM problems) but wanted to make sure to link up for this. I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS and if I could leave up my Christmas decorations all year I would.

I started the mantle and buffet decorations before we left for Thanksgiving. We put up our Tree last weekend. You can read more about our Christmas-filled weekend HERE.

(The tree is now tied to the wall in two places because it's fallen over twice. #facepalm)
Love her little ornament I added to the collection this year :) 

 (I spy Emma) Loving that we have FOUR stockings this year. Love her little people nativitiy and so does she!

I LOVE my new sign for the front door. I found it at the Elegant Elf craft show at my school. I have used the wreath in the living room on the front door for years and just wanted to mix things up a little bit. I didn't really buy many new decorations this year other than Emma's stocking and stocking holder, a few ornaments, and some lights. I just moved the decorations around to different places. We used to put the Christmas tree in what is now the playroom so I wanted to move it to our dining room and I LOVE the new place for it. You can see it from the street now and I think you can just enjoy it more not tucked away in the back.

Happy Holidays to you all!