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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Emma: 11 weeks

This past week has flown by! Time with you at home may be long days but then I blink and it's been another week. This past week we went to Ponce city market with Ansley, Christy and Elizabeth, lunch with Mimi and Claire, a play date with Gaines Harvard, Cool Girls event at church to see all of Mimi's hard work in action, daddy's playoff tennis match, dinner for Aunt Bonnie's birthday and the pool. Wow I'm exhausted just thinking about it! We have even more in store for the coming week since it's my last week at home with you before I go back to work and you start daycare (cue the tears just thinking about it). Right now you are so much fun. You love talking (cooing I guess is the correct terminology), kicking around on the floor, sleeping on mommy (instead of your crib for naps), being sung to (especially the wheels on the bus), your swing and being doted on by all your family members. We can't stop just watching you when you are asleep and love talking to you when you are awake. We love you very much sweet girl. I think after this week I'll stick to monthly updates but man alive you are growing so fast. It's such fun watching how you change every day! Now for a photo dump from the past week!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekend Recap- Lake Edition

This past weekend we headed up to Lake Rabun to stay at our good friends, the Stellings, house with some friends. We left the Robinsons around noon after dropping Cooper off to get to the lake before I needed to feed Emma again. We got there about thirty minutes before Drew and Caroline so I just fed her in the car while we waited. We thought it was just going to be us, the Stellings, and the Hartmans for the weekend. The Bobinskis had something come up so they unfortunately weren't able to make it anymore. We were down on the boat house hanging out when all of a sudden we hear screams from the house yelling down at us and there were the Maxeys and Andrew Maxey and Christy Reimann! The Maxeys live in Fort Walton, Florida and Andrew and Christy live in West Palm, Florida. They surprised us all for the weekend but by this point I was apparently the only one who didn't know. Everyone is such good secret keepers because I had NO idea!

Friday night we just hung out on the boat dock then took a pontoon cruise across the lake to pick up Louis pizza for dinner. When we got back I put Emma to bed. We enjoyed some games and hot tub time the remainder of the evening.

Saturday morning Emma and I were the first ones up (NO surprise there) and we enjoyed a cup of coffee and some quiet time on the porch soaking in the morning peacefulness. It was such a great start to my day. 

Emma went down for her morning nap just before everyone else got up for the day. We had some breakfast casseroles and fruit for breakfast before heading down to the boat house to enjoy the sunny day. Caroline, Emma and I stayed back as the rest of the crew headed out on the boat for some skiing and wake boarding. Well TWO hours later they came back and we grilled out for lunch. Emma just took her naps down on the dock while we all hung out throughout the day. We had a little rain/thunder storm mid afternoon but it didn't mess up anything. We just sat and hung out under the roof of the boat house while it blew over. Saturday night we had chicken tacos for dinner followed by some Cards Against Humanity fun.

We had a great weekend with our best friends and I couldn't have asked for a better first trip with the munchkin. She did great in the car both ways and slept great at night!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Emma: 2 months

Oh my how are you two months already Emma!! This past month has flown by and you have changed so much! (Big photo dump throughout this post) 

Weight: 13 lbs 8 oz (91%)
Height: 23 inches (73%)
Head: 78%
Diapers: size one 
Clothes: 3 month and some 3-6 months 

Likes: bath time, kicking around on your activity mat, the swing, listening to my terrible singing of nursery rhymes along with Pandora, and being rocked/walked around. 

Dislikes: oh how much you hate tummy time, red lights, and being in your crib after 45 minutes in your nap (this is a hurdle we are trying to jump but it's been difficult. She is like clockwork waking up after her twilight sleep time of 45 minutes) 

This month you experienced your first Fourth of July fireworks from the comfort of Colliers crib asleep 😉, your first time swimming, lots of daddy's tennis matches, play dates with Langley/Finn/Maggie/Annie, your first evening with just daddy (I was at supper club) and your first night with a babysitter other than Mimi and grandpa (the Hartmans babysat while we went to Nana's birthday dinner), lunches with mommys friends and Mimi/nana, play date at the splash park with my old coworkers and their children, and so much more. Emma you are such a sleep champ! You go to bed around 8:15/8:30 and mommy wakes you up at 7am. We switched to a new Moms on Call schedule two weeks ago and you are so much happier with it. You were ready for more play time and longer stretches between feedings. This morning we went for your two month checkup and shots. To say we survived is the best I can do. You were so upset and I cried (yes I cried) watching how upset you were. 

This month you learned how to smile (my heart melts every time) and you love getting your hands in your mouth. I have a strong feeling you're going to be a thumb sucker just like me. It is such fun watching you change every day. I'm soaking up every second of these last three weeks I have with you before I go back to work and you start daycare. We love you so much sweet girl! 

Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4th Weekend

This weekend was Emma's first July 4th and we stayed in Atlanta. Friday Tommy took the day off so we went out to lunch after I got a massage (yes, momma got a massage!) and then Tommy went to meet Evan and Andrew for some golf. Emma and I just hung out at home for the rest of the day/night. Saturday morning we headed to HIT for Tommy and Bonnie's matches. I had my friend, Kyle, order a bonnet through her mom from MudPie and isn't it just the cutest! We fortunately got the shaded viewing area so we lasted the whole morning watching tennis matches. I'm looking forward to getting back out on the court during the Fall womens season. I didn't think I would be ready the second half of mixed so I didn't sign up. 

The rest of Saturday we spent at home. My parents popped in while their realtor was doing an open house at their house. Then my oldest friend, Carolyn, came by to meet Emma. She is living in Bentonville, Arkansas right now and moving to Chicago soon. Her parents just moved back to Atlanta from Dallas so she came to visit for the weekend. It was great to see her and get an update on what has been going on with her lately. Excited for her move to Chicago. It's time for her to get out of Arkansas! We enjoyed a night in for dinner with Kyle and Andrew Hartman. We grilled burgers and just hung out. It was a very relaxing night! 

Sunday we had a leisure morning making biscuits and gravy. We spent the day getting things done around the house. I baked my peanut butter cookie/oreo brownies and chocolate chip cookie/oreo brownies and then vacuumed/mopped the house. Tommy installed the new vanity in my bathroom. NO MORE PEDESTAL SINK! We ended our Sunday with dinner at Los Bravos. 

Monday (4th of July) Tommy went at 6 am with Andrew to play a quick round of golf. Emma and I had a quiet morning getting ourselves ready for the day. We popped in Tommy's buddy's house to see Scott and Evan for a little bit. Then we headed to the Tashiros for a cookout with friends. I didn't take any pictures of Emma with the other little ones at the party. They were all napping at different times. Major fail because they all looked so cute in their patriotic outfits! Here is Emma in her two outfits for the day! 

Fast asleep at Evans before I changed her for the party. 

That dimple 😘

We ended the fourth at my sisters house with family and friends for dinner and fireworks. You can see the keswick park fireworks from their front yard so we set up blankets and chairs out front. I put Emma to bed in colliers crib and we just transferred her home after. Maybe next year she will see some fireworks. She slept right through them no problem! 

It was a great holiday weekend! I'm going to skip Emma's 8 week update and will just update this weekend for her Two Month update. How is it she is already two months?!