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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Emma: 2 weeks

Emma is two weeks old today and so here's a recap of week 2. Last Tuesday Tommy had to go back to work and we had her first doc appointment. She wasn't back at birth weight so we were needing to go back today. She's now 10 lbs 1 oz so doing well! 

Last week my mom came each day to help which was great because I could get naps in and shower. Thanks Mimi for all the help! 

Saturday we took Emma to a friends pool for a few hours to get out. She slept the whole time and looked so cute!

On Sunday morning I took her to breakfast to meet my friend Lizzie and her husband. Colleen and Alex joined as well at Corner bakery. Again she slept the whole time! 
In her Sunday's best! 

Yesterday was my first full day on my own (with a daddy lunch break) and we survived. We started the moms on call schedule. My supper club girls came here for dinner and Caroline cooked.  It was delicious!
We are getting the hang of our days and nights but her worst time of day is after bath time and it's bedtime. Last night she went down at 9:30 and still couldn't settle until 11:30 I gave in and fed her again. She then slept great until I got her up at 3:30 to eat then slept great again until 6:30 to eat. The NP told me today I can leave her til she wakes up now bc she hasn't been eating for long at night when I wake her. We will see how that goes moving forward. 

Overall she's been a great baby and pretty chill. She will figure out what bedtime is and hopefully her "fussy" time or witching hour will shift abut earlier in the day. 

We are so in love with our little girl! 

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