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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Month Recap

So it's been a month since my last post. Oops! It's been a very busy spring so far and I'm not doing a good job of keeping up! 

Apologies in advance if this gets to be too long. 

We celebrate Collier turning 3 with a fun party at our church's gym (Peachtree Presbyterian) playing all kinds of games and gymnastics. Emma thought she was a big kid and had an absolute ball! It was so much fun watching the kids have such a great time. 

We officially announced that we are expecting another little girl in September. Name TBD. We are so excited but also nervous as well as life with two will be very different. 

We then celebrated both my parents birthdays with Mexican for dinner. Dinner out with two toddlers isn't very calm these days :)

We had a wonderful Easter with both our families. We enjoyed our church's egg hunt at Chastain Park to kick off the weekend. We had my family over for dinner the night before Easter to get some more time in with my brother who was in town. We then did church and brunch at my parents followed by an early dinner at Tommy's parents. It was a family-filled weekend. 

Two days later Emma and I headed to the beach (my first solo drive with me and Emma) to meet my mom and nana for the week since it was my spring break. We had a much needed relaxing trip. The weather had it's moments but we enjoyed the slow for sure. 

We spent one Saturday morning at the Dogwood festival in Piedmont park. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the family time. 

Later that day we had a baby shower for one of Tommy's fraternity brothers and his wife. 

This past weekend we had Drew Stelling's 30th birthday party which was so much fun. Emma spent the afternoon/night with Coco and Tpop (Tommy's parents) and we enjoyed a kid-free time with friends. Caroline and Drew set up a mini-golf course in their backyard and the boys had to use the plastic childrens clubs to play. Everyone was encouraged to wear tacky golf attire. It was a gorgeous day outside and we had a such fun seeing friends! It was hilarious! 

Sunday morning Emma had her buddy Finn's 2nd birthday party (they are two weeks to the minute apart. They were  both born on Tuesday at 2:50pm. So crazy). The weather held off until after the party which was great. It was a cool park I'd never been to before. Emma had a great time! Can't believe how soon it is until her 2nd birthday. My how time flies. 

That about covers the past month for the Robinsons. Work has been filled with TESTING. Today is our last day of standardized testing and then the rest of the school year is on a downward slope. Counting down until Summer. 22 days of school left and 25 days of work left for me (We have one regular post planning day and then two makeup days from all the snow after Memorial Day unfortunately). BRING ON SUMMER BREAK! 

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  1. I am SO excited about your new addition! Emma will be the sweetest big sister!