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Monday, January 19, 2015

Meeting Hylan Marie Coleman!

Today was a special day because I got to spend the day with some of my favorite people and their little humans! My good friend, Jessica, had a baby girl named, Hylan Marie, just two weeks ago. (the bows I bought her are just a tad too big ;) )

I was dying to make a trip to go meet this sweet girl so Lindsey, Catherine and I decided to take their three kiddos for a road trip to visit Jessica, Burke and Hylan. We loaded up Lindsey's car with the three kiddos and headed out on our trip to Sylacauga, Alabama. 
 Woody and Gracelyn

We came bearing LOTS of Sonic for lunch! 

Jessica looks GREAT! I unfortunately didn't get a single picture of or with Jessica (so stupid!) 

We got to Jessica's around 10am her time and played with the kids and caught up on everyone's lives for hours. It was as though I had seen Jessica just last week. It's hard to believe the last time I saw her was my wedding and the last time I saw Burke was way before that. He has gotten so big! He is such a talker and growing up into such a big boy. 

The weather was beautiful and the kids enjoyed playing outside with each other. They all have such different personalities and it's so fun to watch their interactions. 

I am so lucky to have all these mommas in my life! I was petrified going into my first year of teaching and the best thing I have gained from my teaching experience thus far are these wonderful friendships. Lake Forest brought me some of the best people I know and it's been such a blessing to watch all their families grow over the years. It's crazy to think I have seen these littles ones since they were just days old. I love to see Jessica, Catherine and Lindsey with their children. Burke, Woody, Gracelyn, Gaines and Hylan are so lucky to have these strong women as their mothers. They have been mentors to me over the years in teaching and in life. God has blessed me by their friendships and I can only hope I'm as good of a mom as these three are when the time comes for me. Today was a great day! 

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