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Monday, January 5, 2015

New Years Beach Trip 2015

This year a group of our friends decided to plan a beach trip for New Years and it was the best decision! There were 11 of us that rented a house (dog-friendly I must add!) in Cape San Blas, Florida.
(I have never seen Cooper as happy as I did this weekend. He sure loves the beach!) 

It was such a relaxing trip because it's a pretty secluded beach with very few houses around. We were able to have the dogs off their leashes and build bonfires every night. You can't get much better than a house on the beach surrounded by great friends. We left Atlanta on the 31 in the morning and came home January 4th. Tommy took the 31st off so we headed out early morning so we could enjoy the afternoon on the beach. We couldn't get into the house before four but it worked out fine because we just sat on the beach in front of the house and played with Cooper. Everyone trickled in between 4-6. New Year's Eve we all did our own thing for dinner then celebrated by a fire on the beach. It was perfect! I celebrated in my sweats. I must say I enjoyed not having to dress up, spend a fortune to get in anywhere and not having to pay surcharges for an uber home. It was fantastic!! 

The rest of the trip involved daily walks on the beach with the girls and the dogs, delicious meals (we each paired up to take on dinner or lunch each day and did our own things for breakfast) cold beverages, snores, bonfires, frisbee, bocce ball, football and quality time catching up on life. 

Our last full day there we decided to go out for some seafood for lunch. We had been recommended Indian Raw Bar and it was exactly what we hoped it would be! Lots of seafood was consumed by all! They also had the honor system as far as beer went. You served yourself and just told them how many you took when you paid. Such an interesting concept! 

I couldn't have asked for a better way to end my break from school and starting the new year. Life in the Robinson household is about to get quite hectic. A new year means a new job for Tommy. His last day at Penske is tomorrow and he flies out to California on Sunday for the week for training. He is starting a new sales job for Yellow Pages selling digital advertising. I am nervous but excited for this new venture to come. Tommy has been wanting to go into sales for awhile now so I am hopeful this is the right fit for him and our family. On to new beginnings in 2015! 

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