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Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekend Recap

This weekend was nice with a few activities coupled with some down time. 

Friday night we just walked over to Andrew and Kyles for an hour or so before we needed to get Emma ready for bed. We just visited and let the dogs play! After Emma was down we ate dinner and watched the Olympics. Perfect end to a very long week. 

Saturday morning we got ourselves up and ready for the day and around 10:30 we headed to Krog Street Market to walk around and grab some lunch. I got food from Yalla (falafel YUM) and Tommy got hot chicken from Richard's. We got a beer from Hop City and some ice cream from Jeni's for dessert (MY FAV). Emma did great and it was nice to just do something the three of us. 

  Photo shoot before we left. I just LOVED this dress! 

That afternoon we went to my sister's to hang out with her and some of her college friends. I hadn't seen many of them in a long time. We had appetizers and drinks before we headed home for bedtime. After Emma went to sleep the Hartmans came over and we grilled some pizza and watched the olympics. Relaxing night in! 

Sunday we went to church (I forgot to take a picture of Emma in her sweet smocked watermelon outfit boo) and were home the rest of the day. My college roommate from Freshman year lives in Athens and she came with her mom and husband to meet Emma. We visited with them in the afternoon then just cooked at home and went to bed early. I think I'm coming down with a sinus infection so I'm just not feeling 100%. My usual first month of school illness. Hoping to feel better in a few days. Sunday night Emma was in rare form. She is just babbling away and changes so much all the time which is SO MUCH FUN!

Great weekend and already looking forward to next weekend!!!

Update on school: School is HECTIC right now because my AP got promoted to the middle school, then my CST got promoted to my AP who is now on maternity leave, and so we are busy interviewing for CST as well as we added a literacy coach position. We are down people and so I'm having to pick up a bunch of random things that typically aren't on my plate. The only fortunate thing is the day goes by VERY quickly so before I know it I'm heading home to pick up the munchkin and all is right in the world. 

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