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Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend recap: relaxation station

This weekend we didn't have any plans going into it which is unusual for us. Thursday night was ROUGH because we lost power until 4:30am. Emma woke up every two hours probably because it was HOT and she could hear every noise without her noise machine. I was zombie like at work Friday so we just took it easy Friday night and went to bed early. 

Saturday morning tommy played golf early with Evan so Emma and I just relaxed at the house. She took a great morning nap so I was able to clean the house and enjoy a quiet breakfast. 

Midday we walked over to the Hartmans to say hello to Andrews parents and see the tree they were having to chop up as a result of the storm. That afternoon my friend Lauren who lives in New York came to visit for a few hours. She just got a job with snapchat and was working for Twitter. Her life is much cooler than mine. Some baby snaps for your entertainment! 

Then Saturday night my parents, nana, Bonnie, Brett and collier came over for dinner. We just did coronation chicken and rice with fruit and ice cream for dessert. My parents did most of the cooking. 

Sunday Emma slept in so we didn't make it to church. Oops. We then just relaxed and went to the Hartmans for grilled pizza for lunch. The whole family took naps in the afternoon and we went to 8 degrees Fahrenheit to try thier rolled ice cream. It was an experience and yummy! 

we ate leftovers for dinner before calling it a night. Not a super thrilling weekend but one of good quality family time. 

Emma is changing so much lately and I just want to soak every minute of the weekends up with her! 

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