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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Beth and Danny's Wedding Weekend Part I

We headed up to Isle of Palms on Thursday afternoon for Beth (Tommy's sister) and Danny's wedding weekend. Emma had been sent home with a fever Wednesday afternoon and I thought I had gotten it under control. Well when we got to Charleston on Thursday night she felt very warm and well she had a 103.8 fever. Cue mom panic mode. I wanted to see if medicine would get it down again before we rushed off to the urgent care. I managed to get it down to closer to 100 by the time I went to bed but when we woke up on Friday morning it was back at 102 so off to urgent care we went. Great start to the weekend! I also woke up not feeling great so figured we would get us both checked out before all the festivities started. She has a double ear infection and mine is something viral. Meds for Emma. No meds for mommy. We picked up her medicine and headed to the house the Robinsons had rented for the weekend. AMAZING! There were around 24 of us that stayed in the house (all of Tommy's extended family on both sides plus the bridesmaids) and it was just perfect. The house was HUGE, beautiful and right on the beach. We really were spoiled!
 (view from our balcony)
 View from the back porch
 back porch
Kitchen and dining area

Friday was spent running errands and prepping the house for the welcome night with appetizers, desserts and drinks. Courtney and I tag-teamed staying at the house with Emma to get groceries and I needed to run to Target. We then spent the afternoon cutting fruit, cakes, brownies, bread, and prepping the rest of the food. It turned out great. We had about 30 people come and visit on Friday throughout the night. Having the night events on Friday and Saturday worked out great for us. We could put Emma to bed upstairs and continue to enjoy visiting with everyone. It was really a great time!

 The bride and her two flower girls

Saturday morning we woke up to a beautiful sunrise and warmed up all the yummy casseroles Courtney had made and Marsha put together her ham and biscuits. Everyone ate and got ready to head out for the rehearsal that morning. There was a wedding at the venue Saturday night so we had to rehearse in the morning. After the rehearsal the boys played golf and the ladies headed back to the house. I stayed back at home with Emma while she napped and the ladies all went out for a seafood lunch. I enjoyed the peace and quiet as my throat was really starting to bother me so getting some time to myself and not talking was good for me.  The rest of the afternoon was spent getting decorations for the wedding finalized (thank you to Aunt Ginny and Ashley for really working their magic on the wagon and the centerpieces!) and setting up for the rehearsal dinner thrown by Danny's dad. The rehearsal dinner was a delicious BBQ spread at the house again (again a win win for Tommy and myself). We enjoyed another great night with everyone laughing, drinking, dancing and more.

 Practicing for their duties the next day 

The festivities were all about spending time with loved ones that live near and far. We had a great first two days. Another post to come for Wedding day!

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