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Monday, November 20, 2017

Life Lately

If my lack of blogging lately is any indication both work and life have been hectic. Here's just some pictures to show what we have been up to lately in the Robinson household. 

 Enjoying the beautiful Fall weather at the park. Mainly just go to the one in our neighborhood because #convenient 
 She loves to chase us on the bridge and run back and forth. The giggles she lets out are the best. 

 Monday mornings are rough on all of us 
 Loves reading her books to baby 

Michael and Jamie Stribos got married in Dahlonega and we had the best time with my family celebrating. We had a nice night with all the adults in the family. Beautiful wedding! 

 Lorna is my godmother and was the mother of the groom. She looked beautiful!  

Bathroom is just about done! Vanity has been put in since I took this picture and just last little finishings left before it's all done! Tommy did such a wonderful job #impressedwife

A little outtake from our Christmas photos with my friend, Elizabeth. (Not the one that made the Christmas card but <3 ) 

 Just keeping us entertained every night before bed. 
 The only picture I took at Friendsgiving with all the Mathieson couples at the Hartmans. It was delicious! 
All smiles ready to head to Mimi and Baba's house so mom and dad could go watch the horrific GA/AU game ;) Hoping for a rematch at the SEC championship! 

We took a bus with a bunch of our friends to the game. Had a great day! Wish the result had been better for the dawgs 

Just love my girl. She brings me all the smiles!

Got out the nativity set and it's been as big of a hit this year as it was last year!

As I was gearing up for some important things for work the week before break this girl got sick and well mommy duty called and work had to take a back seat. We had croup! No fun but I think we caught it on the early side so a few days of steroids and the cough got much better leading us into the break. I ended up taking both Wednesday and Thursday off to spend some recoup time with me. I definitely enjoyed the snuggles and one-on-one time. 

 Thursday I had already taken the day off awhile back for some doc appointements for myself and her 18 month appointment was that afternoon. I hadn't intended on her being with me for mine but that's just life. She was really good considering the circumstances! We both survived. 

Now we are at the beach for the week off and I will post updates once we are back! 18 month updates to come soon too. Happy Thanksgiving week! 

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