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Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Favorites

Linking up with Narci, Andrea and Erika today! 

1. Piko Shirts
I've been loving these shirts lately and they are having a 40% sale off their already reasonably priced items (promo code FINALSALE) and so I ordered myself some fun summer colors! 
Hot Pink Piko Short Sleeve Top

Light Green Piko Short Sleeve TopDazzling Blue Piko Short Sleeve Top

2. Supper Club
I didn't remember to take any pictures but Kyle Hartman hosted supper club for this month and it was delicious! She made spinach/feta/turkey burgers, roasted potatoes, and brownies for dessert. It was fantastic but the company was better! I have so enjoyed our suppers each month for the past six months and look forward to it every month. This week was fun because we got to hear about Christy's sister's wedding, Elizabeth's trip to New York and exciting happenings in everyone's lives. 

3. Dinner with Alex
La Tavola
My friend, Alex, moved down from New York in December and I have so enjoyed having her back in town. Sometimes life throws you some curve balls and so she and I went to dinner on Tuesday to just catch up and work through some of those curveballs. She works for Bold American and La Tavola is one of their restaurants so we decided to go there and take advantage of her awesome discount. Man the food was fantastic! We were stuffed by the end of dinner. I would HIGHLY recommend going here and on a nice night especially so you can sit on the back patio. It's located in Virginia Highlands which is always a fun area to go out in. 

4. Nephews
My brother-in-laws birthday was on Mother's Day so Tommy and I offered to babysit one night this week so they could go out on a date. Wednesday night we were on baby duty! Collier was a doll for us and made it a pretty easy night of babysitting! We always enjoy getting to spend some time with him and get our snuggles in. When we got there he was asleep in his swing and when he woke up he was mesmerized by Tommy cooking dinner. It was adorable! After we I put him to bed, Tommy asked me SO many questions about babies. This is definitely new territory for him and me so I don't know why he thinks I know ANY of the answers! 

(poor little buddy gets his 2 month shots today. Praying for him and his momma that they survive. My sister is not good with needles and blood but hopefully she's fine when it's for him and not for her!)

5. Soaking up my last days teaching
So as many of you know, I am no longer going to be teaching next year. I will be at my school but not in the classroom so I only have a few days left teaching (for now. You never know what will happen in the coming years). The month of May is HARD at school. The kids are tired, the teachers are tired, and everyone is looking forward to summer. I am trying my best to keep patience and soak it in. Today is Field day which is always a fun day for the kids but exhausting for the teachers. Thank goodness the weather has held off and it's nice and cool/overcast for the day. Two of my students performed in the school Talent Show last night so I came back to school to watch them. It was so cute and I'm so proud of them for getting up to perform! 

Happy Friday! To say I'm looking forward to the weekend is an understatement

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