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Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

This past weekend I was on my own because of the school Carnival being Friday night I wasn't able to join Tommy and his parents for a trip to visit Beth in Charleston.

Friday: School Carnival. It was a great turnout and the kids seemed to have an awesome time. It was HOT outside and so the Firemen decided to spray from the truck which was a HUGE hit! 

Saturday: I slept in! I enjoyed my coffee and breakfast in peace and quiet at home. Then I ran to the mall to make some returns before meeting my best friend, Ansley, at Chastain Park for a walk and lunch at Zoe's Kitchen. It was just what I needed! After my walk, I ran a few more errands to Target and Home Depot. I bought new curtain rods for the dining room and flowers for the yard. Soon I will show the updates I'm making to the dining room! I came home and made the dessert for our tennis semi-finals. I decided I would try the Watermelon Cupcakes from the blog Mix and Match Mama. After the cupcakes were out of the oven, I headed to my parents for dinner with my family (minus the Willi's). After dinner, I rushed back to monogram a few items for my friend Sarah that she needed for some graduation gifts for her sister-in-law! Phew what a busy day!!!!

Sunday MOTHER'S DAY!: I woke up early to get ready for brunch with my family. We went to my mom's favorite, J Chrisophers. It was delicious as usual! Then I went back to my parents to hang out for a bit before running home to change for my tennis match. I played with Katie Booher and we kicked butt winning 6-1, 6-1 fairly quickly so we got to enjoy watching the rest of the matches from the shade. It was again HOT outside! Our team won enough lines to carry us through to City Finals next weekend. Hoping to come away with another win and City Champ plate! The cupcakes were a huge hit! They were all gone from the tennis match. Sunday night Tommy and Cooper made their way home from Charleston and we enjoyed dinner and just hanging out for a low-key end to the weekend. 

(My little sister, Claire, nana, mom and me)

We missed having Bonnie, Brett, and Collier around for Mother's Day/ Brett's birthday but I know they so enjoyed getting to celebrate their nephew's first birthday, Bonnie's first Mother's Day, and Brett's birthday with his family up in Ohio! 
(Bonnie sent this of him all dressed up for Mother's Day)

I put these images up on Instagram yesterday as a way of celebrating my mom and Bonnie. I am so thankful for the unconditional love and support my mom has given me my whole life. I know I have given her a hard time in the past but she is my best friend now. I can't imagine not living close by and being able to grab a quick lunch or go for a walk by the river when I'm off school. She is such an inspiration to me having raised four kids while across an ocean from her family. I don't know how she does it all!

And to my sister, Bonnie, I have been amazed watching you transform into such a wonderful mother over the past two months. Collier is just perfect and you have really got everything under control. I am amazed and hope my first two months look as easy as you've made it seem! I am so thankful for your friendship and how much of a role model you are to me. I can't imagine living farther from you. We are so lucky to have you right around the corner. Thankful for the random texts I get each day and being able to rely on you always for a good laugh or support. I hope you had the best First Mother's Day! Love you so much!

Have another busy week ahead at both school and outside of school. Looking forward to Supper Club tonight! 

Have a fabulous week! 

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