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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Weekend recap

This weekend was nice because it was filled with family, friends and sports. Friday night we had family dinner to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday with my family. It was a great night to sit on the porch and grill out. My parents made skewers and baked potatoes for dinner. I made strawberry bruschetta with a goat cheese spread as an appetizer and nana bought a chocolate cake from La Madeline for dessert. We watched the Hawks win to end the night. I didn't take a single picture! 

Saturday was a fun day! Tommy played in a "baseketball" tournament at Blackburn Park. It was pretty entertaining to watch. It's basketball with baseball rules. Basically it's a drinking game where boys shoot with one hand and have a beer in the other. There were 27 teams of four. Tommy and his buddies had two teams. I saw a bunch of guys from college I hadn't seen in years. It was a beautiful day to be outside and I was able to bring Cooper with me too! We had a great time and grabbed Los Bravos for dinner on our way home. I of course fell asleep instantly after tommy put a movie on. I should never spend money on movies because I always fall asleep! 

Today I got up early to get my stuff together for our tennis City Finals match. My team is in level C-1 and we made it to the finals. We played at Windward Club in Alpharetta. I played line 3 with Sarah Jackson and we played really well together to take a win! The team won overall and so we became City Champs! We will be moving up into the B levels next season which is exciting! We had a lot of fun and everyone played really well! This tennis team has been so much fun to be a part of for the past few years. This is our first championship for our girls team. Our Mixed doubles team has won before as well. Looking forward to next season!

After tennis we rushed home for me to shower to head to our friends house for the Burford baby shower! Frank and Wendy are friends we met through our mutual friends, the Hartmans. The Burfords are having a little boy in September. Looking forward to meeting the little one!
(Mommy-to-be, Wendy)

(Aren't these cookies just adorable!)

Now it's time for a relaxing night at home before taking on the always-exhausting last week of school. There are only five days left of school which is crazy! This year has flown by! Looking forward to summer break. The students are tired, the parents are tired and the teachers are just burnt out.

(A lot of this is happening tonight) 

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