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Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Favorites 4.1.16

Linking Up for Friday Favorites! 

1.  My friend Jessica makes the most precious bows and look at what she sent me!! I am obsessed! Also Emma's very first Matilda Jane outfit. I can't wait for her to be here to play dress up with all the clothes and bows. 

2.  Time spent with my nephew, collier. I picked him up from daycare Thursday and boy was he tired! So sweet. 

Get to hang tomorrow night with him as week while his parents go to a wedding. 

3. SANDALS yes that is because my feet are uncomfortably swollen from pregnancy. I need to invest in a few new pairs. 

4. My Coworkers. They so sweetly threw me a surprise baby shower at work on Monday. They gave me my diaper bag !! And lots of little goodies and clothes. It was so sweet and unexpected. I felt very spoiled. 

Going to get the bag monogrammed this weekend at Pottery Barn Kids. 

5. Yeti or something similar. So my sister gave Tommy a yeti tumbler for Christmas and I tried it out a few times and knew I needed something similar. For Easter my mom gave me one called King and it's a life savior. I love ice cold water and this keeps ice for HOURS! It's just the best! 

6. Tommy is away this weekend so lots of girl time, a baby shower and a two year old birthday party are on the books for me. This weekend also starts my SPRING BREAK! No I'm not going anywhere but I can't wait for time for rest and relaxation. More to come next week about the nursery and my comings and goings of spring break. 


  1. My husband's work gave out Yeti tumblers for their Christmas gift to clients and we may or may not have snagged a few.... =0)
    Stopping over from the linkup! Have a great weekend!

  2. Collier can't WAIT for his night with Auntie Lisa tomorrow and Spring Break, too! He's been jabbering about it since he saw you yesterday :)

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you love the bows! I'm super excited I was the one to give her her first MJ! haha! I will be seeing you soon! Muah!