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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Emma: 11 weeks

This past week has flown by! Time with you at home may be long days but then I blink and it's been another week. This past week we went to Ponce city market with Ansley, Christy and Elizabeth, lunch with Mimi and Claire, a play date with Gaines Harvard, Cool Girls event at church to see all of Mimi's hard work in action, daddy's playoff tennis match, dinner for Aunt Bonnie's birthday and the pool. Wow I'm exhausted just thinking about it! We have even more in store for the coming week since it's my last week at home with you before I go back to work and you start daycare (cue the tears just thinking about it). Right now you are so much fun. You love talking (cooing I guess is the correct terminology), kicking around on the floor, sleeping on mommy (instead of your crib for naps), being sung to (especially the wheels on the bus), your swing and being doted on by all your family members. We can't stop just watching you when you are asleep and love talking to you when you are awake. We love you very much sweet girl. I think after this week I'll stick to monthly updates but man alive you are growing so fast. It's such fun watching how you change every day! Now for a photo dump from the past week!

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