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Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday favorites-July 1st

Linking up for the first time in awhile for Friday favorites

1.  I blogged earlier this week about Emma in bathing suits. But a favorite is a baby in a swim suit! 

2. My husband is a favorite this week. On Tuesday night I had supper club so I left him on his own for the first time to feed her and put her to bed. He did a great job! And this morning I went for a massage and he fed her and got her out the door to meet me for lunch on his day off. So thankful to have him as my teammate for life and partner in parenthood! 

3. I splurged a few weeks back and bought myself LAKE pajamas. They are so soft and I wear them ALL the time! When you birth and almost ten pound baby you can buy yourself some expensive pjs. 

4. My best friend, Colleen, is moving on Tuesday to Nashville so last night we threw her a surprise going away party and I spent much of the day with her as well. She's a favorite and I'm going to miss her so much! 

5. So I won a bow holder in an Instagram contest and have been meaning to hang it up but also wanted somewhere to hang bows as wel so I did this project the other day and so happy with how it turned out! 

6. And I can't leave a post without another picture of my favorite little chunk. I'm excited about her first Fourth of July weekend. We are spending it in town with events with friends and family. Her outfit for Monday is just the cutest! 

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  1. Love this!! Pushing a baby out DEF deserves a splurge :)