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Monday, July 11, 2016

Emma: 2 months

Oh my how are you two months already Emma!! This past month has flown by and you have changed so much! (Big photo dump throughout this post) 

Weight: 13 lbs 8 oz (91%)
Height: 23 inches (73%)
Head: 78%
Diapers: size one 
Clothes: 3 month and some 3-6 months 

Likes: bath time, kicking around on your activity mat, the swing, listening to my terrible singing of nursery rhymes along with Pandora, and being rocked/walked around. 

Dislikes: oh how much you hate tummy time, red lights, and being in your crib after 45 minutes in your nap (this is a hurdle we are trying to jump but it's been difficult. She is like clockwork waking up after her twilight sleep time of 45 minutes) 

This month you experienced your first Fourth of July fireworks from the comfort of Colliers crib asleep 😉, your first time swimming, lots of daddy's tennis matches, play dates with Langley/Finn/Maggie/Annie, your first evening with just daddy (I was at supper club) and your first night with a babysitter other than Mimi and grandpa (the Hartmans babysat while we went to Nana's birthday dinner), lunches with mommys friends and Mimi/nana, play date at the splash park with my old coworkers and their children, and so much more. Emma you are such a sleep champ! You go to bed around 8:15/8:30 and mommy wakes you up at 7am. We switched to a new Moms on Call schedule two weeks ago and you are so much happier with it. You were ready for more play time and longer stretches between feedings. This morning we went for your two month checkup and shots. To say we survived is the best I can do. You were so upset and I cried (yes I cried) watching how upset you were. 

This month you learned how to smile (my heart melts every time) and you love getting your hands in your mouth. I have a strong feeling you're going to be a thumb sucker just like me. It is such fun watching you change every day. I'm soaking up every second of these last three weeks I have with you before I go back to work and you start daycare. We love you so much sweet girl! 

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