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Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Weekend 2016

We are in the car headed back from my family's beach house (!!). My parents just finished building their beach house in North Litchfield Beach, South Carolina (between Pawleys Island and Myrtle Beach). This was the first trip to the house since it was complete! We both took Friday off work and headed to the beach Thursday afternoon and arrived around 11 pm. Emma did great in the car with really only one major meltdown. I consider that a success! 

Friday was when the hurricane Hermine made its way up the coast so we spent the whole day in the house because it rained ALL DAY! It was fine but by Saturday morning we were all having some cabin fever. It was three dogs, mom, nana, Bonnie, Brett, collier, Emma, Tommy and myself because dad and Claire were only arriving Friday night. James stayed in Atlanta to go to the UGAvsUNC game. 

Cooper has never gotten this close to her. He was being so sweet! 

There was a thirty minute break in the rain so Tommy and I got out to stretch ours and coopers legs for a bit. 

Sarurday morning we all set out for the beach pretty early. Emma enjoyed the breeze she got while enjoying the beach from under the tent. She napped pretty well on the beach which was nice so we didn't have to go back home for every nap time. I just brought my cover so I could feed her on the beach as wel to maximize my beach time too. Collier loves the sand! The weather once he storm blew through was just fantastic. There was a breeze, not too hot and not a cloud in the sky. It was just the best! 

Saturday late afternoon we headed in to shower and relax before the football games started and of course had to dress the kiddos up for game day! 

We tried 

We then put the kiddos to bed (auburn played late night so she slept in her auburn gear!) and then Claire, Bonnie, Brett, Tommy and I went out to dinner. It was a fiasco with terrible service. We won't be going back to King Street Grill. Tommy stayed up late watching Auburn and I went to BED!

Sunday morning we again enjoyed a nice breakfast on the back screened porch before making our way to the beach for a full day of sun and shade for the little one. 
My chosen mode of transport to and from the beach. The ergo is so easy to use and comfy! 

Trying so hard not to smile! 

We then showered and wanted to get some family photos on the beach. So close to bed time it was quick because meltdowns were coming FAST! 

Emma did NOT want to settle for bed. I think she was so over tired she couldn't relax so bedtime was rough and I totally missed dinner. Oh well. Ate late and everyone was just hanging out back. 

This morning Emma woke up a bit earlier than normal so we were actually able to make it to the beach for the tail end of the sunset. Such a pretty morning and ending to our trip! I walked with mom and the dogs to the beach. There's not much more I love than time spent with family on the beach. We had a great weekend (missed having James) and are so excited about all the memories to come in the beach house. Having a place like this for our kids to come vacation with all their family is so special. Thanks mom and dad! 

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