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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Emma: 5 month update

Emma 5 Months

We didn't go to the doctor this month so no height and weight updates

Clothes: 6 months
Shoe: Size one

Likes: She loves nothing more than sleeping on her belly. Her naps at home have gotten way more consistent and longer now that she sleeps on her belly. She is becoming way more predictable (I might regret saying that!). She likes food so much that we have been having a hard time at daycare because she is hungry quite often. When she is home with me she is able to last the amount of time between feedings that I was hoping for but we have had to come up with a different plan for daycare. I just have to keep telling myself it's fine if she's not on the perfect schedule at school and that it's OK if it's different at school than at home. She loves attention. She wants to be talked to all day long and looks to make sure you are watching her. She gives me the best hugs and the best smiles. 

Dislikes: She does not like smiling on demand. She's so serious when we are around other people and doesn't smile for everyone else like she does for us. Emma sweetheart everyone wants to see that gummy smile of yours! She still hates the car. Not much has really changed in the dislike column. 

Firsts: This month she really got much better at rolling, especially from back to front. She is most definitely officially a belly sleeper. She gave us the best giggles this month. She went on her first trip to Athens to tailgate for a football game. She went to her first pumpkin patch. 

What is to come: this month we are starting her on solids. With talking with the daycare ladies we think that may be why she is wanting bottles more often is that she needs other stuff in her belly to hold her over so we are starting that this week. I am taking their lead on this since they have dealt with babies way more often than me and her pediatrician said we could start after her last checkup or we could wait until her 6 month appointment. We are starting with rice cereal this week. Hoping for the best! 

Emma we are so blessed by how much fun and how even tempered you are. You sleep every night from when we put you down until we have to wake you up before work (I HATE having to wake her). On the weekends she sleeps until between 7:15-7:45. We start bedtime/bath around 7pm each night and you are in the bed by 7:45/8pm each night so you are such a good sleeper. We count our blessings for this because mommy and daddy love sleep too! We can't wait for your first halloween, first weekend away from mommy (tear for mom) and so much more to come in the next month. We love you to the moon and back sweet girl! 

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