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Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend Recap

We had such a GREAT weekend! Not only did we have some fun stuff to go to but the weather was GORGEOUS!

Friday night, Tommy and I had our first date night since our anniversary in May! Yes Emma was 3 weeks old then and now she is almost 5 months old. Way overdue! Our friends, Caroline and Drew Stelling, babysat for us and we headed out to Chastain for the Ben Rector concert. We got there just as they were opening the gates and got a drink and went to our seats. We just hung out and ate dinner waiting for the concert to start. It wasn't a full concert. We had decent seats in the left side of the orchestra and reallyyyyy enjoyed it. Ben was great live!

Saturday morning we got up and got ready for the day. We packed our cooler and car with tailgate stuff before heading to Athens. We left home around 8:45 and got to Claire's house around 9:50. We made great time! We hung out at Claire's for a bit so I could feed Emma and we gathered her friends up. Claire made us some pumpkin pancakes before heading out to tailgate. We went to meet up with James and his friends at Beta. We scored a parking spot RIGHT next to the Beta house which couldn't have been more perfect. We didn't have to lug our stuff far and I had a place to go later that afternoon to feed Emma (wasn't looking forward to sneaking away into a fraternity house bedroom to try and feed her so this was just perfect!). We set up our table and chairs in the shade on the front lawn of Beta and enjoyed the day with both James and Claire's friends. It really was the perfect day. They were so excited for us to meet their friends, Emma was so well behaved and a hit at the tailgate, and we just got to enjoy some time with them. We left Athens around 2:30 when everyone was about to head to the stadium for the game. We had set the game to record so we could start from the beginning when we got home. I won't even go in to how depressing the end of our game was. Let's just say it was a heart breaker! We spent the rest of the night watching football and the Ryder Cup with Mexican take out. Perfect Saturday in my book!

Sunday morning I had a tennis match at 9am and we played horrifically and lost 4-6, 4-6. I need to practice big time! I came home and Emma took a stellar 2.5 hour nap for us so I got to eat lunch, shower, put out my Fall decor, laundry, and switched out my Summer clothes for my Fall clothes. Thank you Emma! Once she woke up we went over to Tommy's parents for a visit for a little bit. Emma was WIDE awake the whole time and really only got fussy just before we headed home for her afternoon feeding. We just hung out the rest of the night at home watching the Ryder Cup. It was awesome! Tommy is all about making himself a trip to the next one that is in the states in four years because he had so much fun watching it this weekend! 

Tomorrow morning very early Tommy heads out to Dallas until Thursday night for work.  Getting myself ready, cooper "walked", Emma fed, ready, drop off at daycare and get myself to work by 7am should be VERY INTERESTING! Pray for me!

Leaving you with this because I can't handle how much her giggles (I have to work to get them) make my heart sing! She is just the best the thing that ever happened to us. 

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