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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Happy Halloween {2016}

Emma's first Halloween Weekend! 

Friday we had Trick or Trunk at my school. I dressed her up in her pink flamingo costume (she wasn't the least bit amused) and she was such a hit at school. She did really well! It was on the later end so we didn't stay the whole time but it was fun to see all the kids dressed up and for my co-workers to meet Emma and Tommy. Success!!

Saturday (not Halloween related) we had friends over to watch the UGA vs. UF game as well as the Auburn vs. Ole Miss game. UGA lost yet again and Auburn won (now ranked 9th in the polls. Who saw that coming?!) We smoked some BBQ for dinner and everyone brought a snack to share or a side for the BBQ dinner. The weather was great so we set up a TV on the back deck as well. It was a busy Saturday but a good one at that!
(we had some last minute shopping to do at Target. Big girl sitting in the cart!)

Sunday was a pretty lazy day for the Robinsons. We didn't leave the house until we took Cooper to the river to swim before dinner at my Nana's house with my parents on Sunday night. We had a great dinner and time to hang out. They hadn't seen her in two weeks so they were due for a visit with this little ham! 

For actual Halloween I dressed Emma up for school in her cute little tutu outfit (yes two days in a row. Don't judge) and then after school we dressed her up in her strawberry costume to go take some pictures with Collier before our neighborhood party. We then went to the Hartman's and walked down to the neighborhood party before going back to their  house for trick or treaters and dinner. Kyle cooked a delicious spaghetti dinner and we just hung out. Great first Halloween in my books for the little one. She looked so darn cute if you ask me!
 She was not interested in waking up Monday morning. Emma I feel like that too on Mondays.

 (Poor Cooper has to get dressed up to. Mummy pup!)

Crazy that next year we will actually be trick or treating with a walking little one. Love that now I get to experience the holidays through the eyes of a baby and see the magic that holidays bring little ones. To say I'm excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas is an understatement. I love this time of year! 

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