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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Weekend Recap (Sick and Football edition)

This past week Tommy was away in Chicago for work and blow me down Emma ends up sick for the first time. She started getting a cough on Tuesday night and by Wednesday it was getting worse. I kept her home Thursday hoping some good sleep and mom would make her feel better but she just seemed to be getting worse. Friday she had a low grade fever and was very fussy so I took her to the pediatrician and sure enough she had a double ear infection (poor girl has it coming from both sides of the family. Both Tommy and I had terrible ears as kids and both got tubes). So we quarantined and started on amoxicillin. 

Saturday, Tommy and I had made plans with a bunch of our friends to ride a bus to Athens to go to the UGA vs. Auburn game and I wasn't sure if we should still go or not with how she was feeling but she seemed fine Saturday morning so my parents graciously still offered to keep her for the day and night so we could go. She was pretty good for them minus the 5-7pm witching hour (which is pretty typical with non-sick Emma these days).

Saturday we had a great time with our friends tailgating at Fiji and riding the bus for Caroline's birthday. We had great tickets to the game as well. It was a great day to be a Georgia Bulldog. Not a great day to be an Auburn Tiger. Tommy and I enjoyed the day together with our friends. 

 I got up early and went to pick Emma up from my parents. Well by Sunday mid-morning Emma was a mess once I had gotten her home. I think her ears must have been really hurting her because she just cried and cried and didn't want to sleep. She took all her naps on me that day. I called the nurse line at the pediatrician and they said to give her baby ibuprofen to help with the pain and if she wasn't better by Monday to come back in. I stayed on Monday with her because I just didn't feel right sending her to daycare with how pitiful she was on Sunday. Monday she seemed to be feeling MUCH better and took two great naps (in her crib!). The mornings are still rough because she is SO congested from overnight but she is eating well and had a good day Tuesday at daycare. There is nothing worse than seeing your child sick and not being able to make it better. She is on the up and up and I'm hoping she's fully recovered by the time we get to the beach Friday night. Her teachers at school said that 6 of the babies had ear infections this past week so it was definitely something going around. Poor things!

We also had her 6 month well-visit yesterday afternoon and she was in great spirits by then. She passed her vision screening with perfection. And I've updated her stats on her six month update HERE

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