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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Friday Favorites

I haven't linked up for Friday Favorites in too long! Linked up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika today! 

Words can't describe how much fun I'm having being at home this Summer with Emma. I was at an IB conference this week (Tues-Thurs) and so she was at camp Mimi this week (thank God for my mom!). Here are some fun moments from this week. 

1. I never want to forget that giggle!

2. Love seeing my dad with Emma and Collier. They sure love their BaBa (from Father's Day dinner)

3. Gavin, you are so special because you are my best friend's son. It's hard to describe seeing your best friend (from age 5) become a mom. Such a special time for the Reynolds family! 

4. I've been watching House Of Cards when I have time lately. 

5. I finished this book last week at the beach. I'm not usually into self-help books but my neighbor invited me to a neighborhood mom book club in July and this is the book they chose. I really liked Brene's writing and had some good take-aways from it. 
6. Coffee. Having not had to get myself ready for work in weeks I've needed all the coffee this week! Fortunately the conference I'm at has provided coffee all day every day this week and even gave us this cup at the beginning of the week to feed the need. 

7. My friend, Katherine, was here all week until she left for Alaska/Canada for a month before going back to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She came over on Monday to see Emma and had some fun with her on snapchat. Too funny! We are gonna miss her. We don't get to see her nearly enough. She's living the outdoor dream in Jackson. 

8. Playdates. This is Emma with her buddy, Thomas, who turns 1 on the 4th of July! Laura is a friend from high school and is in my Supper Club.

9. Love that we have a park in our neighborhood and my FAVORITE is seeing how much Emma loves the swings and slide.

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