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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Life lately

I was almost done with this post and the app shut off grrrrrr. Well life lately has had its ups and downs. Emma seems to have really great days and then she comes down with something. We finally recovered from her ear infection and tubes surgery then teething of molars hit HARD. Now she's having a wheezy cough so we spent the morning at the pediatrician here at the beach. I came with my mom and nana for a few days to join my brother and of course she gets sick. Can't seem to be well for long at all. She got a breathing treatment this morning and is on steroids for a few days to help the cough. We now own a nebulizer and hoping we are on the road to recovery. This is the first doc appt in a long time though where her ears were good. Praying this is it for the rest of the summer. Emma is napping so I'm sitting out in the backyard catching up on blogging. Here's some pictures of what we've been up to the past two weeks or so. 

 Lots of days with lunch by the pool

 Spending time on the deck with our water table (thanks Willi family!) 

A welcome back dinner for my friend Elizabeth who has been living in Puerto Rico the past year! The view from the rooftop of Ponce Coty Market is so beautiful. 

 Tommy and his dad played in the member/guest tournament at Indian Hills Country Club and they came in third place! Such a fun afternoon/evening watching them play in the shootout. 
 Finally made it out for our anniversary a few days late once Tommy wasn't sick anymore. Went to No. 246 in Decatur. It was delicious! 

 Lazy mornings in our pjs watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse. 

We like walking down to our neighborhood park with daddy when he gets home from work. 

 She really loves her puzzles lately. She's better at her large knob Melissa and Doug ones but she enjoyed puzzles. 
 Making everything into a jungle gym!
 Park days with friends! (Finn and Langley here)
 I made a ball pit for the playroom for rainy days (which we've had a lot recently in Atlanta)
 Friday night cookouts by the pool with the Hartmans 
Engagement party for our close family friend, Derek, and his fiancé, Catherine. 
My best friend, Ansley, had her baby boy, Gavin, on June 10th at 1:25am weighing in at 8 lbs 11oz. She had a really rough labor which ended in a c section. Mom and baby are doing well! I went early Sunday morning to meet him before hitting the road to the beach. I had to go see them before I left town. He's just the sweetest! 
 Beach day one!

 Being a goofball

 Beach day 2!
 Dinner at Quigleys (she realized her bow was on 🙄)
 Truly the only time she was actually happy all day wAs at dinner shockingly. 
Patio playtime this morning before the doctor
Beach day 3!
And that's it for now. She's waking up from her nap. Hoping she's happy the rest of our beach trip! 

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