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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Update on Summer Bucket List

I posted this list at the beginning of summer and wanted to update on some of the things we've been up to lately now that Summer is unfortunately coming to a very quickly approaching halt. 

Georgia Aquarium (we went today actually)

Her smile just melt me!

We were gonna go to the pool with friends this morning but they weren't able to make it so I decided why not just head downtown for a few hours. We had a great morning!

Catch Air (so this was today too actually. Once we got home from the aquarium Emma woke up from her nap after ONE hour because she pooped 🤦🏻‍♀️ and there was no going back to sleep. Figured why not get out again!)
She had a ball!

She went right up after some bigger kids and did the slide without even hesitating. The girl has no fear!

Music Class: I don't take my phone into class but Emma just loves it. She loves to dance and just moves around the room the whole time. We go once a week. This week her teacher referred to her as a bull in a china shop. Sounds about right! I have a wild child on my hands here. 

Parks: we have ventured out from just our neighborhood and have tried Ashford Park and PDK park. Both were a good time!

Pool days: we have a fish on our hands. Emma loves to be in the pool! I tried the puddle jumper this week and she did so well with it! Next summer I'd like to get her in some swim lessons. 

Our usual set up to walk to the pool. 
Ready to go!

Beach: we have been twice this summer and she loves the sand and waves. She just walks right into the ocean and doesn't care if a wave comes crashing at her. Quite terrifying. Needless to say we are right there with her all the time on the beach. We sure do love the beach!

We have some more things to check off the list and I go back to work two weeks from today 😩 so we better get busy! This summer has FLOWN by I can't believe it. I'm sure going to miss my days spent with Emma exploring new things and just enjoying each other's company. 

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  1. save the Roswell splash pad for us! We want to go too!!