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Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday Favorites

For this first time in awhile I'm linking up for Friday Favorites

1. Excited I can finally share that my sister is pregnant and due in June! Bonnie has had a hard 18 months (really 2.5 years if you include all the time she went undiagnosed) and to be able to be pregnant is a pretty amazing thing. We can't wait to meet our new niece/nephew in June. Prayers are much appreciated for a smooth pregnancy.

2. I blogged about our visit to see Santa over the weekend. Emma surprised me by not screaming sitting on a strangers lap. She was rather confused and refused to smile but it made for a sweet picture of her gazing at the man with the white beard!

3. Last week Emma spent that night with my in-laws and their neighbor so graciously offered (she's a photographer) to take some Christmas pictures of Emma and she looks so cute! Definitely a favorite for sure! 

4. Blogged this week about our snow days here in Atlanta and it was so magical! 

5. I wanted a new outfit for Christmas Eve this year so stopped and bought THIS and THIS!

5. This is not really a favorite from the week but more a prayer request. My dog is not well and we have been back and forth from the vet. I hope his treatments today and tomorrow really kick in because the next step is just plain expensive. He is a favorite but seeing him sick is really hard. 

That's all I've got for this week. Happy Holidays! SOOOO close to Christmas and SOOOO close to a break from school (4 more days!)

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