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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Georgia/Auburn weekend

Tommy went to Auburn and I went to Georgia so we always go to the  game each year. This year the game was in Athens so we went up Friday afternoon to join his buddy James and his girlfriend at Terrapin to start off the weekend. Terrapin has really changed since I was in school. Their sales have really taken off and you can tell by the renovated tasting room and yard. We had a great time tasting their different beer. 

After Terrapin we went to Dos Palmas for some Mexican before heading back to James condo. Our friends, Brad and Elizabeth Mitchler, joined us Friday night as well. 

Saturday, we got up early to get our day started for the big game. We set up our tailgate at Fini because we had two groups of friends we were tailgating with. James' parents set up a tailgate at Fiji as well as our high school friend Drew Stelling's parents. It was a big day for the Stellings as our great friends Drew and Caroline had gotten engaged the night before! Caroline is a sorority sister of mine and Drew is one of Tommy's oldest friends from home. 
We spent most of the day at Fiji but also went to my best friends Samantha's parents tailgate. Samantha lives in Orlando and I hadn't seen her since my wedding day! 
It was wonderful to see her and happy she is coming home again at Christmas!! 

We went back to Fiji to finish up our tailgating with Auburn and Georgia friends before heading to the game!

(Elizabeth Mitchler , me and Caitlin Simpson-James' girlfriend) 

James and Claire (my siblings) came by to see us too! They both are sophomores at Georgia.

It was then time for the game! I was so excited we got tickets (even if I had to sit in the Auburn section) because I haven't been in Sanford Stadium in over two years! Auburn scored on their first possession which instantly worried me. Georgia came out fighting and took the lead. The momentum was very much on our side. Georgia played an awesome game and we had a great time! Tommy was a trooper with Auburn losing. He still had a smile on his face!
We left the game a few minutes early (Tommy was over it) so we headed downtown to meet up with some of my girlfriends and my brother.

We had a great weekend in Athens! I love going back and reminiscing all the wonderful memories I have from my time in school. Can't believe this football season is already starting to come to an end. 

Go DAWGS and War Eagle (for any game they aren't playing Georgia)! Our house divided rivalry continues! I have bragging rights for the next 365 days. Til next year! 

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