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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Weekend Recap

This weekend was great! Friday night we met Bonnie, Brett, and Collier for dinner at Verde. It's always a crowd favorite. Collier really enjoys sitting in the big high chair these days. He had himself in stitches over nothing. It was too funny!
Saturday morning we woke up super early to get ready for game day. We met at the Reynolds at 7am to drive to Auburn for the Uga vs Auburn game. We had a breakfast food tailgate at Ansley and Matt's parents tailgate. We only had a few hours because the game started at eleven central time. 

We met up with Tyler and Lindsay Maxey for the game. They were gracious enough to offer us tickets. We had great seats below the massive jumbo tron. Georgia played great so I had a very sour husband by the end. My dear friend Jessica who lives in Alabama now has season tickets just one section over so after the third quarter we met out by the concessions for a quick catch up session. Was so great to see her and sweet Hylan! 

Go dawgs! We needed that win! Sorry Auburn. 

It was a great day with friends. James stopped by our tailgate to say hi for a bit. Always a good time having my "little" brother around. 

Cooper was happy to see us when we got home! 

Today we had a late sleep in to make up for not being able to sleep in yesterday. I then did a big grocery run for the ingredients for what I was making for dinner for some of my girlfriends tomorrow. I made orzo tomato soup from the Barefoot Contessa Foolproof cookbook and I'll make Gouda grilled cheeses tomorrow to go with. I also made her salted caramel brownies for dessert. They look so good it was hard not to try! 

Then I posted up in baby girls empty room with a pallet on the wall to watch a Gossip Girl marathon. It was exactly the relaxing Sunday I needed. 

And lastly I made us some potato and chicken chowder for dinner. It was delicious! A recipe to keep around for the cold days of winter to still come. 

We had a great weekend. Only five days of work separate me and the beach for a week with my family for Thanksgiving. We are all in need of a vacation and break from work. So much to be thankful for this year! 


  1. Well... I share in Tommy's sourness, but it was GREAT to see you and catch up... if even for a little bit! p.s- I love the fact that you camped out in the baby's room (so sweet) and well...the soup looks delicious! I need the recipe ASAP... PLUS I'm in charge of grilled cheeses this weekend at the lake, and GOUDA GRILLED CHEESE sounds like it might be a step up from my velvetta graced loaf bread sandwiches. I need more info on that one as well. ;) Enjoy your Thanksgiving break!

    1. Jessica here is the link to the recipe. All I did for the cheeses was buy nice bread then shred smoked Gouda and cook on the panini press and voila fancy grilled cheeses!

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