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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Break

We had a wonderful week of beach, relaxation, family and friends. I look forward to Thanksgiving week every year since we started going to Litchfield six years ago. It's the quality time I treasure with my people. With James and Claire off at college we don't get as much family time as we used to so this week every year fills me up so much. I am so thankful for my big, loud, and obnoxious family. Not only do I get to spend it with my family but with family friends that I don't get to see very often. This year was the best weather we have had in probably 5 years at the beach. Sunny and in the 70s in the end of November. You can't beat it! We also were splitting time with Tommy's family this year and with his sister living in Charleston now it was a great addition to this week. 

We left Atlanta on Friday and drove to Charleston for the night to stay with Beth. We didn't get in until late that night because we didn't leave until after work (rush hour traffic on a holiday week=miserable). We got up and took the dogs to the beach in the morning then went to my favorite brunch spot in Charleston with Beth before heading out to Litchfield. We went to Page's Okra Grill. It is a treat because the food is so rich but man they know how to make brunch! 

We got to Litchfield around 1:30 just before my parents and Nana. We got settled in and unpacked the car. Bonnie, Brett, and Collier arrived about an hour later and the twins about an hour later than that. It was just our house that had arrived on the Saturday so we watched some football, walked on the beach, and Nana cooked us dinner at the house that night. We played some loud catch phrase to end the night. 

Sunday we enjoyed some more inside time because it was a cloudy/rainy day but that was it for the week so we couldn't really complain about it. Walks on the beach could still happen! The Balfours, Carmen, Harry, and Lorna all arrived on Sunday and we had everyone over for dinner where I cooked roasted garlic red potatoes, dad grilled pork tenderloin, and we sauteed broccoli. It was delish! 

Monday, I went for some shopping at Target with Bonnie and Claire and we popped in Home Depot to visit Brett on his day working in the store. We spent the afternoon on the beach with everyone enjoying the sun and bocce ball. We just ordered pizza in at our house for dinner that night with just my family. It was our last night before heading to Charleston to meet up with TOmmy's family. 

On Tuesday, we got up and ate breakfast before driving to Charleston (Mt. Pleasant is where Beth lives and its about an hour and ten minute drive between Litchfield and Mt. Pleasant). We met up with Beth, Courtney and Tom at Red's on Shem Creek for some brown seafood. It was really yummy and the weather was nice so we sat on the patio. We then headed back to Beth's house for the afternoon with the pups. Cooper stayed at Beth's while we were in Litchfield which was so great of her and so helpful for us. That way he didn't have to be kenneled in Atlanta for 9 days! That night we cooked dinner in at the house (lasagna) and watched an episode of Anthony Bourdain's about restaurants in/near Charleston. We decided to make reservations for Husk for the next day for lunch. 

Wednesday, was Danny's birthday and we made some breakfast and Tommy, Beth, and Danny took the dogs to the dog park to wear them out before we headed out for the day. We drove into town to go to Husk for lunch. It's in a historic house in downtown and serves southern food. The menu changes daily and each southern traditional entree has a twist. The shrimp and grits was to die for! We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and so glad that Tom wanted to try it. After lunch we drove down by the battery and around downtown before heading back to Beth's house. We just rested and hung around the house the rest of day. Danny and Beth grilled dinner for us and we enjoyed eating out on her back screened porch. 

Thursday was Thanksgiving! We got up and headed to Isle of Palms to walk the dogs of leash before the 10am cut off. Once back home I cooked us up a big breakfast of eggs, sausage, bacon and biscuits. We just hung out at the house getting ready for the next few hours before meeting up with Tom's brother, Steve, and family at Tom's sister-in-law's sister's house on the other side of Charleston. We had about 40 people we think at Thanksgiving dinner. It was such a beautiful day spent with family and we definitely ate well that's for sure. I was exhausted by the time 7pm rolled around. It was a long day but it was great! I missed my family that day but it was nice to spend the holiday with Tommy's family as well. There were two kinds of turkeys, smoked pork butts, all the traditional casseroles, and quite the array of desserts. It was great seeing Tommy's uncle, aunt, and two girl cousins that we hadn't seen since our wedding. They all live in Florida, Minnesota, and North Carolina so it's not often we get everyone together. A good time was had by all! 

Friday we headed back to North Litchfield for the weekend. Tommy golfed on Friday afternoon wtih all the boys while BOnnie and I did some black friday shopping at the Hammock shops then went to the Outlets to Carter's and Osh Kosh. The weather was so nice but the deal they were having with 60% off and Bonnie with her Carter's discount of an additional 25% off we couldn't resist. We did well I'll just say that. Baby girl is going to be well dressed next Fall/Winter. We ended the afternoon sitting on the beach watching the sunset. It was a great end to the day. We whipped up some leftovers for dinner before the whole he haw gang headed to Murell's inlet to see the final Hunger Games movie. It was really good! We have gone every year the past four years to a Hunger Games movie so it was only necessary to finish that tradition! 

Saturday was filled with lots of football, beach sitting, sun, and dinner out with all the "kiddos." Ben, Emily, Tommy, Claire, James, Carolyn, Bonnie and Brett all went out to Drunken Jack's for a dinner out with yummy seafood before ending our wonderful week away. We all left for home on Sunday. It was quite a shock getting home and realizing I had to work the next day. Time really does go by quickly when you're having fun with the people that you love. 

On the way home, unfortunately Bonnie, Brett, and Collier got into an accident on I-26 in bumper to bumper traffic but fortunately they are all fine and the majority of the blow was on the two cars behind them. It was a scary moment for them and I hate that they had to go through that but they are all safe and fine. 

As a side, I am so thankful for my family, my growing family, friends, job, Tommy's job, the health of my family, and so much more. We are so blessed! 

Now it's time for CHRISTMAS! Pictures of decorations to come. December is bringing many fun and exciting things our way! 

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  1. hahahaha the last picture made my entire day! So glad I could capture that for all posterity ;) Wish we were back at the beach right now!