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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Oh December!

I've always loved the month of December but being a momma during the month of December is oh so sweet. Starting new traditions with Emma and also exposing her to things I've cherished over the years as well. Checking things off left and right from our To Do List. Here is our list again: (full disclosure...lots of pictures on this post so it's kinda long)

Make Santa Cookies and Reindeer Food plates:
So they aren't perfect but they are pretty cute! Pinterest is so disceiving. I don't know how people get perfect hand and foot prints. Anyway here they are!

 (all her little foot prints. The plate wasn't totally flat so the middle of her foot wouldn't lay flat)

Order Christmas Cards: Done. Once we get them in and I've mailed them I will upload a picture. We ordered them from Minted with some photos we got taken over the Thanksgiving break at the beach. 

Tree Shopping
We bought our tree on Friday night from Home Depot. We got a 7-8ft tree and we put it in a new place this year (in our dining room) and I LOVE the new spot! It was in the now playroom the past two years. 

Tree Decorating:
After Emma went to bed on Friday night we decorated the tree. Since Friday we have had our tree fall twice (ahhhh). So now it is tied to the wall. Yes you read that correctly. No more falling trees. We have only had one major casualty of ornaments and one that can be fixed. Not bad for falling twice. It fell Friday night and then today I went to plug it in and it toppled right onto the dining room table. NOT good! But it looks so pretty :)

Visit Santa:
Today was GREAT! Making memories with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew during this time in our lives is such a joy. Nana gifted us their outfits so we had to do the matching thing for the pictures and it turned out SO cute! We made an appointment at the Lenox Santa for Collier and Emma. We started with Emma (because Collier freaked at the Santa yesterday at the zoo so we knew he probably would react that way again) and she did fine by herself but NO SMILES. Then comes Collier and boy just watch the progression. You can't help but laugh. #poorbabies #babytorture
 (look at them looking at each other. So sweet)

(that tear in her eye...oh my!)

 After Santa we figured we should just see what the wait at the Pink Pig was and there wasn't a wait really so we did that too! Collier loved it and Emma was amazed. After the Pink Pig we went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. Great little Sunday with the cousins! 

That was just about our whole weekend! Saturday I spent the day at home cleaning and getting caught up on house stuff with being away the past two weekends while Tommy golfed with some buddies. Saturday night we had the Stelling's annual Friendzmas white elephant party. We had a great time and appreciated a night out (Thanks mom and dad!). 

We had a wonderful weekend filled with family, friends and holiday cheer. Couldn't have asked for anything better. Lots more to come this month! 

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