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Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Favorites

Linking up with Andrea, Narci and Erika today for Friday Favorites! 
1. Undisclosed: I was an avid fan of the Serial Podcast about Adnan Syed and then I heard about Undisclosed which gave even more information about the case. Over the past week, Adnan has had his hearing so Undisclosed has been doing some special podcasts about the hearing. It is really interesting to me. I have spent a LOT of my time listening to this podcast. It's nice when you're driving or walking the dog to listen to it. Serial just started season two on Bowe Bergdahl. If you are a fan of podcasts I would highly recommend. I preferred season 1 to season 2 of Serial.

This past week a friend of mine sent me a free order coupon for Hello Fresh. We got our delivery on Saturday and have cooked two of the meals. They have been fantastic! The box comes with all the ingredients measured out and the recipe to follow (so you can make it on your own again!). I have preferred these meals to the Blue Apron ones we tried a few months ago.

3. Sugar Bean Scout: One of my dear teacher friends who I met five years ago is now staying home with her kiddos and this week launched her Etsy site! She makes the most adorable bows (and bowties). You should check out her facebook page and Etsy site. Here is one of the more recent ones she posted. 

4. Speaking of Etsy sites and launching businesses I finally made my Facebook site this week for Elephant Stitch. Starting small on my Etsy site with onesies and bibs that can be customized but if you are local to the Atlanta Area I can do custom monogramming on your own items. Wedding gifts have been where most of my local business has been (coolers, bags, collared shirts, etc.)

5. These tanks are my absolute FAVORITE!  I have four of them that I rotate through each day. I love them! 

6. Lastly, I can't go without talking about the baby. I sent this picture to my friends the other day with "now I am at the can't see your feet stage anymore". I am 27 weeks and feeling great! I go in for my glucose test next week and officially entering my third trimester. SO much to still get done before baby girl makes her appearance in early May! We are SO excited and can't wait to meet our little girl. 

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  1. Awe! Thank you friend!!! (And yes... some of these bows on Etsy are coming your way soon! ;) I wish you were closer and I could give my clothes to you for monograming! You do a GREAT job!

    I'm so glad pregnancy is good to you, and I can't wait to see that baby bump in person in a couple of weeks!