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Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Favorites

Linking up for Friday Favorites this week! 

My husband and his handy skills are a FAVORITE! He built this bookshelf and coffee table. The coffee table is going to actually make it IN our house today during his lunch break when our friend Andrew is also home for lunch to help move it. The concrete is HEAVY therefore I am not the person Tommy wants helping him move it. Ok by me!

Emma is just a ball of fun these days! She is so active and keeps me laughing all afternoon when I get home from work. It's so easy to put away what happened at work that day when I get to come home and play with her. She really knows how to help me put that aside. 

My good morning pictures from Tommy are my favorite. This morning was the best with how much these two are really becoming fast friends. Makes this momma heart so happy! 

FALL is here and I can't express how much I LOVE the Starbucks app. Our Starbucks doesn't have a drive through so if I order it right before I leave the house it's ready for me when I get there so I can just run in, grab, and go. The BEST!

This nugget and her mom came to visit during lunch today! I forgot to take a picture of Langley today but this was one of her so sweetly taking a nap on her momma yesterday (yes we both have nap boycotters!) Miss having Adrienne at school but so thankful for the daily texts I get from her checking in on me and LF.

I love momfessionals blog and finally decided to try out an EvyStreet hoodie. Oh my it is so comfy! I got so many compliments on it yesterday at work. Purple is my favorite color and being comfy is more of a favorite! 

Lastly so excited for some rest and relaxation this weekend at Lake Rabun with the Stellings and Hartmans. I love going to Drew's lake house. Looking forward to quality time with Tommy and Emma. We are excited that Tommy's first week at his new job has gone well this week too!

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