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Monday, April 10, 2017

Emma: 11 Months

How is this the last monthly update before Emma turns ONE! 

Eleven months!

clothes: 12 month
diaper: size 4
shoe: size 2 and some 3s
weight/height: no doc this month 

Milestones: She is crawling everywhere at a rapid speed (check out her red knees above), pulling up on everything, can stand with no one holding her when she feels like it, 8 teeth total, making more sounds/consonants, and said her first full word "ball". She giggles at herself all the time now and she is definitely understanding more and more of what we say. You can tell she is really listening and will stop if you say "no" to her. 

Likes: still food in general, being held or walked around the 30 minutes or so before bed, napping in her own crib (she doesn't nap well at school), favorite book is "where's spot?", singing "wheels on the bus", walking with Cooper, giving "kisses", blueberries, goldfish, cheese, and bananas. 

Dislikes: wearing bows (I keep trying but failing miserably), being put down when she is tired, when you close the door to somewhere she wants to go, smiling when you want her to for the camera, diaper changes, clothes changes, or being stationary in the car. Not as interested in milk as she is in food (definitely not drinking as many ounces of milk anymore). 

Emma you are one special little love bug. You give the best hugs and kisses (full open mouth ha!). You still love to cuddle (especially at night) which melts this mommas heart every night. You give us the best full face/eyes smiles for just talking to you. When I come to pick you up at school each day you get so excited and start jumping (or really just bobbing up and down) when you see me which makes me so happy. I love when you start babbling in a very forced and serious way because you obviously have something very important to say (we are in for a life of lots of chatter. I can just tell once you start talking you are never going to stop). We are so blessed to have such a beautiful baby girl as ours. Daddy and I love you so much it hurts!

All my recent pictures are on past blog posts so some of these are repeats (Sorry!)

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