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Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring Break Part II

Tuesday my friends left and Emma and I got the day to ourselves. We went for a walk on the beach in the morning (was great in one direction. homegirl doesn't like the wind in her face so it was a long walk back), she took both her naps at the house during the day and then we ended the afternoon with a trip down to the beach to play before Mimi and Nana arrived. It was a relaxing day that I really needed. I can't remember the last time I just sat and watched tv while she was napping. 

My sister and Collier came on Wednesday just before we needed to retreat to the basement for a tornado warning! We didn't have bad weather during the day on Wednesday but it wasn't sunny. The bad weather that overtook the southeast moved through all through Wednesday night and brought some cooler weather and wind for Thursday and Friday which was a bummer. It was too windy for the kids to play because the sand would blow into their eyes so we went for walks on the beach, bike rides, baby pool swimming and played inside the house. 

We enjoyed a dinner out to Marshview on Thursday night and Chive blossom on Sunday night (thanks Nana for staying back with the sleeping babies). Saturday was much warmer with barely any wind so we spent the good portion of the day on the beach and the kids finally got to play. It was so fun watching them on the beach. Both don't mind sand and like digging.

Collier was so entertained by Emma and vice versa. They had too much fun together this trip! Bonnie and I survived the drive back Sunday with both kiddos. We had a great time but daddy and Cooper were missed (daddy was ready for us to come home too). Only 7 more weeks until SUMMER break! I can't wait to get two months at home with Emma. 

This was a great week which brought lots of relaxation. We really are so lucky my parents built the beach house which provides us such fun with family. It's going to be a place where so many memories are made. 

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