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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday: Grown Up Parties

Linking up for Show and Tell Tuesday: Grown Up Parties. I love to entertain and get the people I love to gather. All my parties may not be Pinterest worthy but here are a few that I've thrown over the years. I love a good party! 

Just last month we threw a FIESTA wedding shower for our friends! Also two years ago we threw another FIESTA shower too. 

Each year my friend, Ansley, and I throw a holiday party and the past two years we have done our FAVORITE THINGS (I'm not sure why all the pictures disappeared on my post about the party) party! It's been a crowd pleaser. Everyone brings an appetizer or dessert to share and then three of the same $10 or less gift that is a favorite from the year and everyone goes home with three new things! It's such fun. Ansley and I rotate each year who hosts so 2017 is my year!

We threw a BBQ Couples shower for our friends before they got married a few years ago. It was at our house as well. 

Baby showers are also fun. I didn't throw this one for my sister but I attended and I just LOVED the BOOK theme! 

Last week I helped throw an Ahoy it's a Boy baby shower for Ansley and it was so cute!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my past "Grown Up Parties" through the years. 


  1. We have similar party taste :)
    I have thrown 2 Favorite things parties & also "Ahoy It's a Boy Baby shower"
    Great job!