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Friday, April 7, 2017

Spring Break Part I

I am currently sitting in a quiet house while Emma naps. I wanted to split my spring break posts into 2. The first weekend was filled with friends at my parents beach house. We left Friday after work so we could wake up at the beach Saturday. The traffic getting out of Atlanta was pretty terrible due to multiple factors but the most major is the bridge collapse on 85. Going to be a long few months while they fix it. 

Anyway Laura, Ansley, Elizabeth and baby Thomas joined us from Friday through Tuesday! The weather on Saturday and Monday was BEAUTIFUL! It was a bit windy but sunny on Sunday. We set up the tent and playpen for the kiddos so we were able to spend most of the day on the beach. They both napped well in the tent and we just packed a cooler of food to be able to eat on the beach. We enjoyed some walks on the beach, sun, and playing in the sand. We cooked in two nights and went out to Marshview one night for a good ole fashioned friend seafood basket. YUM 

Thomas is 9 months and Emma really enjoyed him joining us. It's so fun now that Emma is moving around more. She loves the sand and playing in the sand. She enjoys sitting playing with buckets and shovels on the beach. She enjoys a stroller ride as well (as long as the wind isn't blowing too hard into her face). It was nice to bring friends to the house and enjoy some relaxed time with my people. The hustle and bustle of home is exhausting at times so it was nice to get some quality time with my friends. 

They stayed until Tuesday morning and so Tuesday it was just myself and Emma hanging out until the women in my family arrived (minus Claire). Since I didn't have a car it was truly a day to relax for us. She took both her naps at home that day and we made our way to the beach to play in the afternoon. My mom and nana arrived Tuesday evening and Bonnie and Collier arrived on Wednesday. Part II coming in a few days! I LOVE spring break! Now you can see why I needed two posts. I take way too many pictures! Sorry about that!

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