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Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday Favorites

I haven't linked up for a bit so doing a little bit of everything on my Friday Favorites this week. I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci today. 

1. Emma just keeps me smiling with what she picks up on. Her latest is her "roarrrr" which is the least ferocious thing ever but it is too cute! I have a cute video of it and I can't get it to work! You can just imagine from the picture how cute it is sounding. 

2. This is the new view I have from my office. MUCH better than my old office where I didn't have a window. Getting some light into your office helps when you are stuck working on your computer (thankfully which isn't my whole day usually). 

3. Beautiful sunrise I saw walking into school the other morning. If I have to be up as early as I do, pretty sunrises make it easier!

4. We met some friends at the Brookhaven Food Trucks Wednesday night and Emma loved wandering around and exploring between bites of her dinner. 

5. Last weekend I had some friends in town and we had a pool party on Saturday. It was good for the soul getting to see some of my best friends who live so far away. 

6. And just some snaps from this week. This chunky monkey and I had a lot of alone time (dad was away on business one night and had a work event another night) this week. 

Happy Friday! Looking forward to a weekend filled with my people. We have an all-day family event with Tommy's work tomorrow at Lake Allatoona. Other than that just taking it easy and Tommy will be working on the bathroom. 

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