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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Weight Watchers: GOAL

So talking about weight can be an awkward conversation or make people uncomfortable but I want to remember what I've been working really hard at since January. I joined Weight Watchers because I was mortified when I went to get fitted for the bridesmaids dress for my friend Christy's wedding. I refused to buy the size they were wanting me to buy and I ordered a size smaller. I at that point had already lost all the weight I put on with Emma but I was at my heaviest EVER when I got pregnant so really I had more weight I needed to lose that wasn't "baby weight". 

Anyway that first week of January I started weight watchers. Now 35 weeks later I have hit GOAL. I've lost a total of 30 pounds. It's a marathon and not a sprint. There were weeks where I didn't lose any or it was 0.2 pounds. There were weeks I went up. I had moments where I was discouraged because I felt I had done great that week and the scale didn't show it. Weekends are still hard because those points go FAST when you want to have an adult beverage and not eat mostly fruits/veggies. The nice thing about weight watchers is there are extra weekly points and when you exercise you get activity points. I try not to eat any of my activity points and I will use my weeklies on the weekend but stick closely to my daily points during the week. This is what works for me and I finally feel comfortable in my own clothes. 

It's funny (not really) that you don't even realize just how much you have put on until you look back at pictures of yourself and you're like "dang, I let myself get that far off the wagon". I have always struggled with my weight. I am never going to be "skinny". That's just not how I am built but to be comfortable in my own clothing and my own skin is what is important. I would dread anytime someone wanted to take a picture with me because I was paranoid as to how my face would be (cheeks) in the pictures or if I was on the end what my arms would look like. I can honestly say I feel more confident in myself than I have for YEARS. 

I am a stress eater and I am learning how to curb that with more logical responses than eating. I want to be comfortable having my picture taken with Emma. I don't want her to look back at family photos in 10, 20, 30 years and wonder why I wasn't in any pictures. Here is a before/after picture of me from the end of August last year to now and I must say I myself am amazed at the difference. No I wasn't on weight watchers a year ago but it's pretty amazing what can change in a year. I NEVER want to go back to where I was a year ago. Since having Emma I've lost 65 pounds total (the 35 I gained while pregnant) and now the 30 since then. 

 December 2016
 January 2017
 February 2017
 March 2017
 April 2017
 May 2017
 June 2017
 July 2017
August 2017 (and you can't tell but that's a jumpsuit. I've NEVER been comfortable wearing a jumpsuit and now own TWO!)

and now moving on to our regular programming with mainly pictures of my little buddy :) 

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