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Monday, September 4, 2017

Labor Day weekend: North Litchfield Beach

For the holiday weekend we went to the beach with my family (except the twins). We left Atlanta after work on Friday and got in around 10:30 that night. Worth the long day to be able to wake up at the beach! 

We enjoyed beautiful weather (only rained a little bit on Saturday), lots of play time, meals together, college football starting and relaxation. It's definitely our happy place being at the beach. Thanks to my parents for a great weekend! 

Emma and Collier are too funny at the beach now. Emma has NO fear of the water and will let waves crash into her. Needless to say it's not relaxing but it sure is fun. I kept her floaties on her most of the time because it gave me piece of mind. In the morning hours there were tidal pools for the kids to play in which were perfect. They could wade and play without waves coming at them every two seconds. We played and played on the beach and soaked up the last days of Summer! Bonnie and Brett left Sunday for a wedding in Atlanta and Tommy met his dad for a round of golf on Isle of Palms so it was my parents, nana, Collier, Emma and me on Sunday soaking up every waking hour on the beach. Hope you had a wonderful long weekend yourself.  Here are some pictures from the weekend.

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