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Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday Favorites

Linking up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika this week. My Friday Favorites are a bit of a mix today! 

1. I am hosting my "Huntley Hills Moms Book Club" in September and we are reading Wonder and I finished it last night. It seriously is SO good and every middle schooler should be required to read it. I can't believe it took me so long to read it.

2. We drove to the beach last night and my sister told me that you can download movies/shows from netflix when you have wifi and then you can watch them without wifi for 48 hours after. HOW did I not know about this before? Anyway Emma watched "Secret Life of Pets" and some Barney episodes. Made the trip go by faster (especially since it took us FOREVER to get outside of Atlanta...grrr!)

3. I have a new obsession and I know I'm late to this as well but....Acai smoothie bowls. I try to atleast 2 mornings a week get ready early enough so I can make it before work. Thankfully yesterday I did because I had such a hectic day at work I didn't have a minute to breathe or eat my lunch. (palm in face emoji I know).
I've been using these packets, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, 1/2 cup almond milk, a banana, a handful of greens, and then top with a banana and fresh strawberries (4 ww points for all this) and if I am feeling like spending a few more points and want the crunch of some granola (1/4 cup) it goes up to 8 points. It's SO filling and delicious. I did find some acai berry packets in the freezer section at Kroger as well. 

4. It's been a week at work. I work at a wonderful school with a super supportive principal but the district mandates are really getting me down lately (along with some of the district employees but that's a story for in person and not in writing). Anyway I am fortunate to work with some pretty amazing people that also just know when to lift you up. Yesterday I had just had. a. day. and went to check my box to find this note from one of my teachers. Just what I needed to remind me that my work is for/with the teachers at my school and our students. 

5. On Sunday I had our church picnic and it's pretty cool that my church is also a part of my work world. My church has a lot of volunteers who serve at my school. Worlds collide and thankful for the community in which I live and work. 
(My principal's youngest, Emma, my principal's oldest, and my friend's (ex-coworker too) daughter)

6. Our bathroom remodel is coming along thanks to my very handy husband. He's almost done with all the tiling in the shower. (I took this a few days ago and he's also done the wall on the right up to about a foot below the ceiling. SO close to done with the tile!) It's been taking awhile because he can only work at night once Emma is down and in bits and pieces on the weekend. It will be worth it when it's all done!

7. Thankful that my husband's family (Uncle, Aunt and cousins) have fared well during the hurricane in Houston. They fortunately haven't had any flooding in their house but many of their friends weren't so lucky. We have been praying for Houston all week and it's just terrible what we've seen on the news. We missed having Uncle Floyd in town on Tuesday night for dinner with us but enjoyed a family night with my in-laws and Aunt Marsha to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday. 

8. This HAM hasn't let me put anything in her hair in MONTHS and she brought me this bow to put in her hair. It may have only lasted for 10 minutes but it was a win in my book. WHEN will she let me put bows in her hair again?! 

9. A favorite is looking back and seeing how much I've accomplished in the past 8 months. Blogged about my WeightWatchers journey here

10. And lastly I am SO happy to be in our happy place for the weekend with my family (minus the twins...they are in Athens with their friends #toocoolforus). There is no where I am more relaxed than in North Litchfield surrounded by my people. 

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend and enjoys an extra day off Monday for Labor Day!

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