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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Showering the Ones I Love

This weekend started our months of celebrations for our friends getting married and my sister having a baby. Saturday night we threw a couples shower with a few other couples for our friends, Andrew and Kyle. It was a great night with lots of friends! The shower was held at our house and we served a BBQ dinner (thank you Tommy for the hard work and getting up at 4am to start the meat!) and a dessert table. Here are some pictures of the decorations and such from the shower. 
Table with the appetizers (not all the food was set out just yet)

Mason Jars for margaritas, sweet tea, water, or wine.
Wine set up in the kitchen (can't figure out how to flip it on here!) 
Coffee set up 
Area for the presents and some pictures of the couple through the years
Dinner display (again food didn't go out until we were ready to serve!) We had BBQ, mac n cheese, baked beans and broccoli/kale salad. 
Dessert table with lots of pies and cupcakes
the food corner with more pictures of the happy couple
Ready to enjoy the party! 
My friend, Caroline, another one of the hostesses
Kyle and Andrew opening their presents. They got some great stuff! 

We had a great time with great friends! One of our favorite things that we set up was a little photo booth area that had XO balloons. Kim (Kyle's sister) had a polaroid camera she set up for people to take pictures and write a note to the future Hartmans. Such a cute idea! It was a late night of celebrations. 

Sunday afternoon I had my sister's first baby shower for baby Willi (no I don't know the name because she won't tell me. It's KILLING me cute she won't share until the baby is born). Bonnie is due on March 29th. It couldn't come soon enough! The baby shower was held at her high school friend, Sarah's, house in Peachtree Hills. It was hosted by Sarah, her great friend Katie (my tennis team captain), and a good friend from her bible study. Everything was so cute and it was so nice to see some of Bonnie's friends I don't see very often. Baby Willi is decked out with tons of cute clothes, great blankets, and all kinds of gadgets that one day I will learn the use of! 
I forgot my camera of course so here is a collage Bonnie made. Top left is caramel cake from Cecilia's in Athens (YUMMY and where we both got our wedding cakes from). Middle left is a wishing tree everyone wrote a little wish for the baby to hang on it. The food was wonderful! Top right is Bonnie with Sarah and Katie (2 of the hostesses). Bottom right are the girls from our tennis team. Boy do we have a great time together and it's been so fun for my best friend Ansley and I to get to know all these girls through Bonnie!

Bonnie is looking great and I can't wait to meet my nephew! Looking forward to seeing my sister become a mom and having a baby around all the time! 

Ended my weekend with the Super Bowl. I lasted until 7:30 being social, went home and was in bed to watch the halftime show before calling it a night. This weekend was exhausting yet wonderful! 


  1. What a cute shower! And Bonnie looks great- getting so close!

  2. I had the best time on Sunday!!! Thank you!!! And yes, I knew you were not pleased that we have a name and are keeping it a secret hahaha. Type A sister, anyone?!