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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bonnie's Book Baby Shower

I can't believe how close we are to meeting my nephew! Just 5 short weeks until his due date. I am SO excited to meet him (still can't get my sister to crack to tell me his name!) Bonnie's college girlfriends threw her a shower this weekend and it was adorable! I know there will be picture overload but I just loved all the decorations. In lieu of a card, each guest was asked to bring their favorite childhood book and we each put a sticker in the inside cover that said "This book belongs to baby Willi...With Love," It was such a great idea and a great way to get his book collection started! She didn't get any repeats which was even better. I was "ooing" and "ahhing" over books I used to love reading when I was younger and can't wait to read them to him. I didn't pick my favorite baby book to give her but stumbled across a book that had tons of bible stories for children and I couldn't resist. We played a game where we listened to a clip from a song and had to guess the title (all of them had the word "baby" in them) and artist. The winner got an iTunes giftcard. I am terrible at knowing song names and/or artists so I clearly did NOT win that game. The next game was pictures of main characters from childhood stories that we had to guess. Cute games for the shower. Bonnie got some awesome gifts! All the hostesses went in on getting her the car seat and car seat base. She got some handmade outfits by my mom's friend, Heather. She got her play mat and diaper genie too. Baby Willi your parents are all set and ready for your arrival now!

So here are the pictures!

 The food table. Each dish had a book to match. This is a teachers dream shower!

 Those cookies looked like buttons to go with "Corduroy" 
 Cute banner on book pages
 "The Velveteen Rabbit" is sentimental because in our sorority every year we would read from it during our Pref round during rush. Bonnie's sorority sister are the ones who threw the shower. Love this! 
 Wreath on the front door
 Bonnie's friends, Caitlin and Courtney, that flew in for the weekend from Houston. She met them during her stint living in DC. It was great to see them both. I hadn't seen them since Bonnie's wedding. Courtney is also expecting a little boy in June! 
 The glowing Mommy! 
 Bonnie and all her hostesses
 4 generations! My nana, my mom, the three sisters, and baby boy! We are SO excited about having a little boy around. 

Baby Willi was showered with so much love at the shower! Bonnie had friends travel from Chicago, New Orleans, Greenville, and Houston. What a special day for her! 

Now I'm really ready for his arrival!

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