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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow days

This week we had two unexpected snow days. The month of February has flown by and I feel like I've barely worked (probably because I haven't). It was nice being home the past two days but it also indicates it's crunch time from here until testing for school.

On my snow days I very much enjoyed myself! 

Day 1
I got up soon after Tommy left for work and graded a ton of papers. Trying to get caught up on what we've been able to accomplish in just a few days. Then I headed over to my friend Lindsey's to catch up with her and spend some time with her boys. Such a nice day to catch up on life. She is a very special friend that I miss dearly now that she's staying at home. Can't believe how much her boys grow between visits. Gaines turns one in a week which just seems crazy to me! I spent the rest of my day playing with my Monogramming machine. Here are a few of my projects (baby nephew gets spoiled by my practice runs because I know him and my sister won't judge the imperfections!) 

Then made us some dinner and got the call there was yet another snow day so I enjoyed the rest of my night enjoying my Friends Netflix binge! 

Tommy built our China cabinet and I loaded it up! So excited to have it on display in the sun room. Our China is all cream and sage in the Meridian pattern by Casafina. I love it all so much! 

Over Christmas break, my mother-in-law gave us a lot of family China and glasses that are now in the buffet and no longer in boxes in my guest room 😃

Day 2: 
I slept in later today (5:30 tomorrow will come way too soon) and headed over to my sisters to hang out and let the dogs play for a few hours. Brought her some Dandy's Donuts which is a local donut joint in Chamblee that is delicious! I gave her the baby clothes and we gabbed for a few hours. Perks of her living two minutes away and working from home with no conference calls scheduled for the morning! The puppies were exhausted when we left so our mission was accomplished! I spent the rest of the day working on my leadership endorsement course work and popped over to school for a quick meeting with my principal. 

Now it's time for Thursday night tv (unfortunately no scandal tonight) and to bed early! 

Feeling refreshed and renewed for my one day left of work this week! Next week is gonna be rough actually having to work for five days! (I know you don't feel sorry for me) Never thought I'd hear myself say I'm ready for a normal week and over snow days. My 12-year old self would slap me. 

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