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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas Time!

Christmas time is my favorite part of the year! I look forward to decorating every year and this year was no exception. We got back from the beach Sunday and I started decorating immediately. We bought our tree from Costco (I know not glamorous. Last year as just us so we made it simple. Next year I will insist on pictures of picking out and all the fun things tree shopping can bring) 

Here are some pictures from around the house. 

(I made this last year with a sign from hobby lobby and glues ribbons for Christmas cards. I love checking the mail each day to see what cards have arrived!)

I needed to decorate early because Ansley and I had our annual Christmas gathering with our friends on Friday at my house this year. We made it a favorite things party rather than a cookie exchange this year and it was a huge hit! Everyone brought three of the same gift that cost less than $10. You go home with three gifts. Everyone writes their name on three sheets of paper and you present your gift then pick three names of people to go home with it. I took ZERO pictures that night. I'm the worst! 

I ended up these three gifts! 

Christy took a video of all the gifts. 

Then Saturday I did a bunch of Christmas shopping, wrapped the presents, and then we spent an hour or so hanging out with Collier and Brett. My sister was away for the weekend and Brett wanted to get out so he boys came and watched the first half of the SEC championship with us (and he helped Tommy move the couch out of baby's room so we can finally start the nursery!) 

At halftime, we headed to the Stellings house for the game and their annual Friendzmas party. Everyone brings a gift under $20 and we do a white elephant exchange. This was the first year I could actually make it. I'm not the most silly gift giver so I bought Copper Mugs. There were some hilarious gifts (chambong, banana flask, braves onesie pajamas, wine glass that holds a whole bottle of wine, and so much more). Tommy landed up with Twister and a bottle of Tequila. I got a tequila kit but at the end I got to steal and since mostly everything was alcohol related I stole my mugs. Oops!! 

We had a great time! I'm starting my Sunday with blueberry muffins baking in the oven and drinking my coffee by the Christmas tree before getting ready for church. 

Merry Christmas to all! There's so much more wonderful events coming in the coming weeks. I love December! 


  1. So pretty! And I love the friend gift exchange idea! May have to steal that one!

  2. Love the tree and Cooper is adorable! :)